"It ends with me looking at the script that has my name on it." Dravis says proudly as he plops a thick script down in front of him.

It was late at night and his eyes were wearing on him. Tiffany walks in to the study to check on him. His desk light was illuminating his work space. She was wearing a silky white nightgown. Her hands gently massage the back of his neck. Dravis smiles when he feels it.

"You've been working on it for so long now. Maybe you should take a rest."

Dravis jokingly scoffs at her. "I'll be up in a little bit. Oh and I took your advice."

"On what? Making it even campier?" Tiffany asks.

"No, no, on the names. I've been thinking up tons of names lately and I’m still in the process of changing them, some are the same and some are different. That’s really the last on my list of things to do."

"Just go to bed honey." Tiffany demands in a caring way. She then makes her way up to the bedroom. He hears her footsteps as they turn into nothing but a quiet fade. Dravis goes back to his scripts to review them. He then begins to think to himself.

"The others..." Dravis says to himself. "Their stories are yet to be told."

Dravis opens up a drawer from his wooden desk. Inside were the pictures of the cast members that occupied "Kensington Way." One by one they made him remember everything that he had gone through. It's what pushed him to write the scripts after all. Dravis was passionate about his story because it happened to him. Getting "Kensington Way" on network television was going to be a journey for him. The pictures were making him angry and sad. It made him think of the lies and the deception. It made him think of the pain that his fake neighbors and friends caused him.

Sheila Wrightly aka "Shanna Schoolor" did not survive the helicopter crash with her life partner Carla Devano aka "Debra Braving." The conniving, vixenous, slutty, death faking witch and her victimized forty something housewife, deserved everything that they received, Dravis thought to himself. Dravis wondered how people would respond to the cartoony bitch that Sheila was acting to be and how Carla betrays Timothy in the end.

Thomas Manheil aka "Timothy Braving" skipped town once the real police came to the scene. Thomas explained that the space was rented out, everyone knew they were on a reality show, but practically everyone was an actor of some kind, even the extras. The police never knew what was going on but thought they were filming a movie, that's what Thomas said they were told.

I was never really told what had happened to Bryant Cranston aka "Bryant Barrone."

Somehow it really doesn't matter. He could be dead, alive, an alien. However, Richard Scheiver aka "Ryley Schantz" did not survive when Tiffany pushed him off of the cliff and he splattered to his death. Neither did Danny Tomei aka "Terry Lomburgh" who was charred to death because of Richard's betrayal.

Carmen Valdarez aka "Carmen Ludiarez" was sent to jail and then sent to an insane asylum. The city of "Kensington Way" was re-opened but not as a reality show home, but as a real city to people wanting to live in it. The power that she created was over, but while in her padded cell, she still could be plotting away. No one was aware of the evil things that Carmen did, they were all brainwashed into thinking that the town of KW was nothing but an overly large movie set. The law came down on her when the proper authorities found out that that wasn't what the set was being used for something else.

Jamie Van Wyze decided to stay with her new father and accepted her soon to be stepmother as Dravis and Tiffany are engaged to be married. The three have sort of become a family, in its own dysfunctional way that it happened.
Dravis puts away the pictures and stands up to go to bed. He slowly walks over to the window and looks out of it. The city was bright in the wee hours of the night. Dravis knew he never owned the city, but he could only hope that people would hear and accept his story. He already had a new manager whom he met through Thomas/Timothy. That was his present for feeling so bad for lying. The manager's name was Jacob Desmond and he gave Dravis his new agent, Xavier Orlando.

His journey was only starting but it was going to be a new one. What was it going to bring him, Dravis wonders. He then walks over and turns off the desk lamp. Surely enough drama would find its way to him, it always did.