Part Three of Three (Series Finale)

Previously on Kensington Way:

- Tiffany had a dream about Dravis who tells her that they can be together and she wants to know so she calls Sanjana for help. She tells her that Dravis says to kill herself and they will be together.

- A catfight broke out between Sammy and Jamie. Bryant went to break it up until she accidentally called him dad. Sammy didn't believe her and wanted her to leave, having Bryant confused by all of the sudden news.

- Xavier and Carmen fall madly in love with each other. They pick an old hide out spot (Carmen's fake set) and have plans to blow up the town on New Years Eve.

- Jacob was released from the hospital and wanted justice against those who did him wrong.

- Leona pretends to be Tiffany but when Tiffany calls her phone and Ivan answers it, Ivan knows that it's Leona trying to two time him and he plans to end it.

- Raj finally throws Sanjana an altimatum when Sanjana sees Tiffany about to commit suicide. She then sees a possessed Vanessa telling her what to do. It's either saving Tiffany or her marriage.

Slowly Tiffany began to dunk her head under water.  She felt so calm with the soothing candles.  What she was doing was irrational but sort of made sense in her mind.  She wanted so desperately to be with Dravis and maybe this was the only way.
Tiffany closes her eyes as the water hit her eye lids.  Then filled her nose passages and next her ears.  All of a sudden she heard a loud banging at the door.  Then a huge crash made Tiffany jump out of the water.  She placed a towel over her body to cover up.  It might have been Jamie coming back from her trip or someone breaking in to rob her.  Then she heard Sanjana's voice.

"Tiffany!  Where are you?"  Sanjana frantically screamed.  "Tiffany, answer me!"  She continued to scream while running up the steps to find the bathroom.

Tiffany dressed in a robe finds Sanjana disheveled and out of breath.  Sanjana placed her hands on Tiffany's shoulders to stop her.
"You can't do it.  I saw what you were trying to do and I'm sorry for ever suggesting it.  It wasn't Dravis that told me to tell you that.  It was some possessed little girl named Vanessa.  She couldn't get over something about her mommy but it was a demonic soul trying to kill you!"  Sanjana explained.
"Oh thank you so much.  You saved my life.  I kind of thought that what I was doing was a little...rash I guess."  Tiffany hugs Sanjana.  "What should I do about Dravis?  He's obviously not leaving if he's still trying to contact me. I've known about Vanessa it's a long story with her but she's close to him in his own little dream world so when you talk about her, it's not in the least confusing to me."
"He tried helping you.  He tried to save you and that's why I came here.  He told me that you were in danger and after further examination, he was right!  I wanted to make sure that you're okay.  Please just take care."  Sanjana began to leave after doing her heroic job.
"Wait!"  Tiffany grabbed her attention.  "What else did Dravis say?"
Sanjana was silent with a smile on her face.  True love was really between them.  Sanjana felt it expanding all around her.  Something she wished she had.
"He says to listen to your dreams.  That's all I can really say."  Sanjana hugs her again and then leaves.  Now she had to save something else, her marriage.
After a long day of fighting, Jamie decided to try and get some sleep.  She was hoping that she would be able to spend the upcoming holiday with her new father but obviously Sam was going to come between that.  This wasn't like her to just up and quit.  Jamie's fought worse people, like Carmen.

Before going to sleep, she turns on the television.  The eleven o'clock news was coming on.  Her eyes began to doze in and out until she saw pictures of Carmen and Xavier.  There was news of their recent escape and how they both were on the loose, last seen together as described by a doctor from the psyche ward.

That security in the place really must suck Jamie thought to herself.  She silently cursed because she knew that Carmen was going to do something drastic and it probably involved her.
Even though Carmen should be the top priority of her problems, she wasn't.  Getting Bryant back to Kensington Way to live with her is what really counted.  However, she was going to go back with or without him. Jamie had already said what she needed to say when she visited Carmen in the psyche ward.
Bryant slept on the couch and Sam slept in the master bedroom.  It was the first time they slept apart.  Maybe they were moving too fast Bryant thought to himself while looking up at the twirling ceiling fan.  He heard Sam get out of bed and a fight was in place to start.

"Thanks for letting me sleep by myself.  I didn't think your daughter was going to ruin our sleeping habits!"  Sam snapped.

He shook his head.  "You seriously should have given me some sort of slack.  How was I supposed to know that Jamie was mine?  We've been through so much in the past couple of years."
Samantha was making coffee until she slammed the glass pot off the counter.  It shattered into tiny shards of pieces.  Bryant got up to look at her.  She was heated and upset.
"That girl has ruined our life Bryant.  That whole town ruined your life.  I saved you from that horror.  Do you know how lucky you were that you had a second chance again?  I observed you and when it came time to help you, you accepted me!  Damn it that's why I hid everything from you because I didn't want you going back there!"  Samantha explained while tears began to fall from her eyes. "The only thing the head was the truth...I don't have some sort of secrets. I wasn't stalking you, I fell for you, and I fell hard. No person should go through what you endured. You have a second life and it's with me!"
"Yeah and I'm thankful that you came into my life when you did.  Kensington Way and Jamie are my life as well.  This place was fun while it lasted but I've always wanted a family.  When I was acting with Jamie, it felt like one.  Now I don't have to pretend or read lines from a script.  You can be apart of my family.  I really feel something for you." 
Sammy began to clean up the glass.  "What you are asking is something that I simply can't do.  So when the clock strikes midnight tonight, I'm hoping that you'll be here to kiss me.  You'll kiss me in Sunset Beach on that magical pier."
Bryant storms up and goes out to the beach.  He was going to make his decision very soon, the matter was much too important.
Ivan smiles with pleasure.  Making love to Leona was always a good thing.  He did have to bite his lip from laughing when she was pretending to make love like Tiffany.  Too bad she had no idea what he had in store for her.

Slowly, he reaches in his dresser drawer to pull out his gun.  He kisses her on her forehead before saying goodbye.  Then he aims the gun at her, he cocks back the trigger and right before he pulls it.  Leona wakes up in shock.

"What the hell are you doing?"  Leona screamed while putting her hands up in the air like a hostage.
"Give it up Leona!  I know what's going on.  You're not going to be able to protect your sister anymore, she killed my sibling so I'm going to kill hers and then do her in just like she did Richard."

Trying not to sound demanding, Leona speaks up.  "That's why I pulled the stunt in the first place."
"You're not the one in position to make demands.  Just remember, you're no angel.  Once a slut, always a slut!  Don't you think it was fun while it lasted though?"  Ivan joked.
Without warning, Leona punches him in the face, as hard as she could.  The gun was still in his hand.  He shoots it but it hits the glass lamp, breaking it.  The two begin to struggle.
Leona claws him in the eyes.  He screams while being temporarily blinded.  Leona looked for an escape but instead, opened the door to his porch window.  Blindly, he shoots everywhere but Leona ducks.  She screams as she forcefully pushes him toward the trellis.  He falls over the railing and down ten flights to his death.  Similar to the way his brother went out. 
Leona was breathing heavy.  She called the cops and they were on the way.  Leona next had to explain everything to her sister. 
In the center of town, workers were gathering together for the dropping of the ball.  Of course they stole the tradition from New York City but it was something fun for the whole town.  Fun for the whole town was going to turn into disaster since Xavier and Carmen were tweaking the ball while being dressed up as male tech workers.  They had the appropriate fake badges to get in and the tools to set it off.
"Do you know what you're doing?"  Xavier asks.
"Of course love.  Look at who you're talking to.  After all, I built this city.  Now I'm going to destroy it!"  Carmen responded with an evil snicker.
"How far can it go?  Wouldn't it kill us?" 

"Of course not.  We'll be long gone when it goes off.  We'll be driving off in the moonlight and flames will engulf every house, every building, and everyone who has ever been involved with Kensington Way."  She kisses his cheek.  Forgetting that they both were in disguise, a few other workers gave them confused dirty looks. 

They continued to set up the bomb that when hit at the bottom would explode.  Killing everyone.
Jacob made his way to someone special, Tiffany Vallen.  He knew what Xavier had done and felt partially responsible since he introduced Dravis to him.  She was happy to see him as she welcomed into her home.
"What can I do for you?"  Tiffany asks him while pouring some hot tea like the good host that she was.

"I'm so sorry to hear about everything and I wanted to make it up to you.  I still have connections to good people, who aren't going to steal Dravis's script.  In your name, we could possibly work on getting Kensington Way in television format.  I set him with the wrong person but I know someone who would start production on it immediately.  It's up to you though. Aside from business, I guarentee you that Xavier will be caught. This is just another way to stick it to him. Something that he can justify to have control over. "

This was everything Dravis ever wanted.  Tiffany put out her hand and shook his.  "You have yourself a deal! Where do I sign? "
Raj had already been settled in his hotel room at the Kensington Way Plaza.  There was a lot on his mind.  When he lies on his bed, his phone rings.  He knew that it was Sanjana.

He didn't answer the phone and saw that there was a voicemail.  If he listened, then he would be giving in.  It was a chance he was willing to take while pushing the buttons.

"Hi Raj.  It's kind of lonely in this house without you.  I don't know where you are but I hope you're okay.  Please just hear me when I say that helping Tiffany was the last time.  I had to save her, she was going to die.  The matter was life and death.  Our love can survive this.  Our marriage is rock solid.  Just come back to the house or call me just to tell me you're alright."  The message ended with the operator giving instructions, he pushed the button to delete it.  What Raj didn't know that Sanjana was on the other end crying her eyes out.
He throws his cell phone against the hard wall.  "No Sanjana!  You're too little too late!" 
Jamie returned home to find Tiffany not alone.  She was with Leona in the living room.  She smiled to greet them both but quickly turned upstairs.  Tiffany didn't want to tell anyone about what happened the previous night.  It was going to be her and Sanjana's little secret.
"There's something I needed to tell you about...Ivan.  He's not who you think he is.  Yeah his name is Ivan but it's Ivan Scheibo.  Does that name sound familiar?"  Leona asked.
"Yeah." Tiffany began scanning the name in the back of her mind until it hit her. "Richard Scheibo...tried killing me until out of self defense, he fell off a cliff." 

"Well Ivan is Richard's brother and for the longest time he wanted to break up your marriage with Dravis, that's where I came in, but I ended that plan when I found out that he wanted revenge for his brother's death so I pretended to be you because I knew you had way too much going on.  I couldn't let that happen.  He tried to shoot me but ended up getting killed as well."  She tells her. "Here's your cell phone by the way."

Leona digs through her purse and hands it to Tiffany.


Tiffany smiled at her twin.  For once she wasn't acting selfish or slutty.  She hugged her sister and thanked her.  There have been good people in Tiffany's life trying to save her, she was thankful for them all but this one in particular meant a lot to her.

"I'm actually going to go to New York City.  I have an audition for a soap opera.  I think it was called Guiding Light or something but it seems like that's where I need to be.  Doing what I do best, acting."  She jilted while showing enthusiasm.
Leona got up to leave.  She turned around and hugged her again.  "Keep in touch sis.  I mean it." 
Leona exited and was happy to be on safe grounds with Tiffany. She turned out not to be the slutty evil twin that Ivan made her out to be, she was now her own person, one that was faithful to her family.
Later on that evening, Tiffany got a knock on her door.  She was surprised to find Bryant standing in front of her.  She hugged him and wished him a happy new year.  She knew why he was there, he came to see his daughter.  Jamie had explained everything to Tiffany.  They also discussed Carmen and Xavier but they weren't worried because they knew that the proper authorities would catch them. However there were some threatening doubts over the two.
Bryant knocked on Jamie's bedroom door.  "Come in."  She requested thinking that it was going to be Tiffany.
Jamie jumps off her bed and runs to hug him.  "Did you bring any guests?"  She asks.

"Nope.  Sammy and I decided to call it quits.  My life's here.  My life's with you.  Why don't you say that we celebrate this new year to family?  Our new family."  Bryant asks.

"Of course but we're missing someone."  Jamie runs down the hall to grab a confused Tiffany back to the room.  "You two are my true family.  Tiffany's like the mom I never had but should have and you're the father I've wanted who's here to stay."  Jamie smiles with relief.  "Thanks dad."  She says with a tear in her eye as she buries her head in his chest.  A tear fell onto her also.  
10:30 PM
Sanjana decided to go the light up ceremony in the center of town.  She might not have been in the celebrating mood but it was good to get out.  While looking at the other couples together she began to get lonely.  Then she turned around...and there he was shining under a silver street light.
Raj noticed her right away.  She runs over to him.
"Hello senum." He says to her.
"Look if you want I'll-"  He interrupts her by putting his finger on her lips to quiet her.

"I understand why you do what you do.  I thought about it long and hard. You can't imagine how much I wanted to make sure that we were both happy. I came to the conclusion that I'm being selfish.  I'm sorry."  He apologizes.

She smiles back at him.  "I couldn't say that I didn't see this coming but I'm glad that you do.  I'll keep the psychic thing to a minimum.  Promise! No more life threatening situations and I'll try not to involve you because I know that it was really creeps you out."   
"You be whoever you want senum.  Just as long as you're my wife."  He says before kissing her tenderly.
11:00 PM
Carmen and Xavier, dawning their previous 80's like get up, had went up the building where the ball was.  It was empty but little did they know that they were being followed by Jacob.
"You stupid sons of bitches."  He mutters out of disgust to himself.  Jacob looks around and follows them up to the roof.
"We need to fix one little glitch before it's too late!"  Carmen informed Xavier.  "I needed to add more bombs on the one side-"  Then they heard his footsteps.  Jacob came with a gun in his hand.
"You're both done and you're both sick in the head."  Jacob taunts them.

Xavier gasped.  "I thought I killed you."  Xavier was in pure shock.  He finally was caught by one of his victims.  "What are you going to do?  Shoot us.  You don't have the guts!"

"Excuse me but do you know who you're dealing with? You have a lot of balls to come up and point a gun on us! It takes a lot to keep a good bitch and a psycho down!" Carmen taunts.

"Well put sweetie." Xavier agrees.

"I just want justice."  Just like that a SWAT team came behind Jacob.  Carmen began to run away and pushed the button while being tackled on the ground.  The detonator went off but there was only a little spark.  Her bomb was a dud, except for a small explosion that was looked at as a firework.  They were both being hauled off to jail where their fate was soon to be determined.
11:59 PM
Everyone begins to count as the ball was nearing the drop.
10...Sammy drank alone back at Sunset Beach, missing Bryant.
9...Leona was at an airport bar hitting on a producer from California.
8...Raj and Sanjana held each other tight with excitement knowing that they were going to be just fine.
7...Carmen was finally caught as she was tied up to her bed in the jail cell about die, it was funny how life could go but she realized at that very moment that her nine lives were up.
6...Xavier holds out his hand and grasps his true psychotic love.  He smiles at her and she smiles back.
5...Jacob watches Carmen and Xavier finally get what they deserve.  Lethal injections at the same time.  Though it wasn't going to bring Candace back.
4...Bryant got his glass of champagne ready.
3...Now legally able to drink, Jamie pours her glass.  She hoots and hollers while deep down inside was truly happy for once.
2...The new father and daughter celebrated not only the new year but after watching a news report about Carmen being caught, knowing that the town was safe.

1..."Happy new year" the couples and the new families screamed.

While upstairs in her bedroom, Tiffany had fallen fast asleep.  She realized that the only place they could be together as he was trying to tell her all along was in her dreams.
She dreams that she's in her wedding dress and he's in a tuxedo while dancing outside in a sunny meadow.  They are slow dancing.
"I love you Dravis."  She tells him.

"I love you too Tiff."

On the radio next to the nightstand, the song Dream by The Everly Brothers begins to play.  Outside people were banging pots and pans but inside Tiffany was sound asleep with the biggest smile on her dreaming face.