Part Two of Three

Previously on Kensington Way:

- Tiffany watched as Dravis died from Xavier's shooting. Two weeks later, his funeral brings friends and family together to mourn him. Even Thomas Manheil (Timothy) came out of hiding to give his condolences to Tiffany. When everyone left, Jamie told Tiffany about the awful fight she had with Dravis and that the truth was Bryant was really her father. Tiffany told her that she has to do what she has to do. A mysterious couple from a far, catches Tiffany's eye.

- To make amends with Tiffany, Leona hatches a plan to save her, without her knowing. It involves pretending to be her in front of Ivan's eyes. She calls Ivan and tells him that she (Leona) is taking a vacation. She then calls him back after stealing Tiffany's phone to make plans with him.

- Jamie finds Bryant's number and calls him but Bryant's new girlfriend who's staying with him in Sunset Beach, California dodges her call. She also hides a newspaper talking about Dravis's funeral. When Bryant asks for information, Samantha covers it up with sex.

- Xavier dawns a new look and drives a new car across town to pick up a new partner in crime. He also calls Ivan to tell him that if Ivan kills Tiffany, there will be extra money involved. Xavier pretends to be a doctor at the Kensington Way Insane Asylum and breaks Carmen out of jail. Carmen clings to him calling him her knight and shining armor after he tells her about killing Dravis.

- The mystery couple from the funeral is Sanjana & Raj Viji. Sanjana's a psychic who claims to have seen Dravis and Raj is her husband who dissaproves of her abilities. They visit Tiffany who isn't interested and kicks them out.

- Tiffany goes to sleep but hears a knock at the door. She's shocked to find someone familiar standing in front of her...


The glowing light from the door turns into a coherent vision of Dravis.  He walks into the door and smiles at her.  He's wearing a white cotton sweater and matching white pants.  He was dressed like an angel but he didn't have wings.

Dravis hugs her and Tiffany embraces.  She couldn't believe what she was seeing.  Tiffany was truly with Dravis.  She didn't want to let go, she didn't want the moment to end.  Then he spoke.
"Hey Tiff."  His voice rang like a soft siren to her ears.  "Nice seeing you again."

Tiffany's eyes light up as she begins to make sense of the situation.  "Of course, this is the way it is.  Every unbelievable moment that we live in this town, would surely bring something like this.  You're not dead.  You're alive.  I'm sure you faked your death or something just to escape."
Dravis shortly laughs as he looks down.  He then places his hands on her face.  "I'm sorry Tiffany.  You know that I'm dead.  There's really nothing that can be done about it."
Tiffany's face turned from happy to disappointed when she turns away from him.  He brings her back to him by grabbing her shoulders for reassurance.
"I'll always be in your heart."  He says.
"No!  This isn't fake, this is real.  I know it.  I feel it in my heart that it is.  You can't tell me different."  She turns to face him.  "Please don't tell me this isn't reality."

Dravis remains silent.  "I can't make any promises but there are some ways that we can be together.  It's too confusing but there are ways."
Before she says anything, he fades into the doorway.  Tiffany runs to grab for him but he's gone.  She then wakes up from her dream, confused.
 The next morning
Life on the run for Carmen and Xavier seemed to be working out okay.  They both had new disguises (each looking younger), Xavier had a new car, and they now had larger warrant levels.  The two had fallen for each other in the matter of a night.  They spent the previous night talking about the future and she loved his power.  He was almost a match for her. 
"You really are my hero.  I can't thank you enough for breaking me out of that hell hole.  Talking to Miranda was actually making me crazy.  You...mean so much to me.  To kill my ex-husband and to steal back what I created, it's like we were two souls from a far away destiny."  She lays his head on to his shoulder.
Xavier smiles to have someone.  This wasn't just an ordinary fling, he was falling for his equal.  He kisses her forehead.
"That rat bastard was so stupid.  After reading his script I thought you were pure fiction but you're real."

"You know we need to prove to this town that we still exist.  Get someone to make Kensington Way into a show and I want to take back what's mine.  My show and my town.  I mean...our show.  Sweetie."  Carmen continues to hold on to her new man.  "What about Tiffany?  Isn't she going to be a nuisance?"

"Of course not.  Tiffany's  going to be dealt with just like everyone else who got in our way."  He reassures her.

Carmen thinks of Jamie.  Xavier sees that she's deep in thought.  At first he doesn't say anything but as they continue to drive, he breaks the ice.
"Just don't hurt my daughter.  She hates me but I know that we can become a family.  Even if we are dysfunctional, one thing I've learned is that everyone is full of forgiveness.  The only thing I ever wanted was to be with her.  Take her out of the country and start a new."  Carmen says with a tear in her eye.  "Things just didn't go as planned I guess."

"Well then we have to make those plans happen.  Where to my dear?  We're wanted in practically everywhere."  He explains.
"Keep going forward.  I have a place where we can stay.  It'll feel just like home to me but now, it'll be our home my dear."
Tiffany was in a rush when she was looking for her cell phone.  She found Sanjana's business card and wanted to use her cell phone to call her but couldn't find it.  Tiffany looked through her purse, looked through the kitchen, but it was no where to be found.  She just gave up and decided to use the house phone until the doorbell rang.  She answered it to find Leona standing in front of her.
"Hi.  Please come in."
Leona walks in and notices that Tiffany is looking for something and her sister knew exactly what it was.
"So I did you a favor and sent thank you cards to the people who sent flowers."  Leona says to stall.  "What are you looking for?"  Leona asks.
Tiffany gives up a second time.  "My cell phone.  I have no idea where I put it.  I met this psychic who thinks she can help me out with Dravis but I don't know where my damn phone is."

"You'll find it.  Let's just take a break and talk about this rationally.  Do you think this psychic is real or trying to rip you off?"  Leona asks.
Tiffany sits down on the couch in the living room next to her sister.  "I think she's genuine and maybe she can help.  Plus I had this-"  Tiffany stops.  "Never mind.  Thank you for everything.  You didn't have to do any of this."
"I didn't have to sleep with your husband either.  I feel bad for a lot of things.  Like I said before, I want to make it up to you."  The two hug until Tiffany's cell phone goes off in Leona's purse.
"There it is I hear it!"  Tiffany goes to follow the sound.  Leona quickly stammers up to stop her.
"You're mistaken, it's my phone."  Leona pushes Tiffany out of the way to grab her purse.  She opens the door and turns around to say good bye.  "Go ahead and talk to her.  You're not crazy but if you're not feeling it, don't do it.  Bye sis."
Leona leaves and looks at her purse.  "This cell phone's like a bomb!"
Minutes Later
At the Viji household, Sanjana goes to a quiet place while talking on the phone.  She was trying to hide it from Raj who was in the other room reading a newspaper.  Her voice was also lowered.
"Yes of course.  That's why I came by.  How about I stop by in a little in a few hours.  See you then."  Sanjana hangs up with Tiffany.  She goes back with a tray of tea in her hand.  Sanjana refills Raj's glass while not saying anything to him.
"Who were you on the phone with?"  Raj asks while not taking his eyes of the paper.
"My mother.  Wanted me to stop by  later."  Sanjana lies.

"You always were a bad liar senum.  You were talking to that Vallen woman weren't you?"  He shuffles the paper until throwing it to the ground.  "You seriously don't listen or you just don't care."

Sanjana looks to the ground.  She tries running away but Raj raises his voice to her. 

"I'm serious Sanjana.  If you help this woman, I leave.  You seem to focus more on your gift than our marriage.  For years I was quiet about everything but no, not anymore!"  Spit was coming out of his mouth he was that angry.  Sanjana was scared.  "If you help that woman...if you say one more thing to her and I find out about it, I'm out of here.  It takes two to make a marriage work and I respect your needs but I have needs too.  I need my wife, not a psychic!"
Sanjana gets up in his face in the heat of the moment to stare him right in his face.  "You don't know what it's like to see the things that I see.  It's not my fault!"  Sanjana runs away and slams the front door leaving Raj to cool down.
Jamie arrives to Sunset Beach, California.  She was already situated in her hotel room which Tiffany helped pay, after all she was a poor college student.  Jamie had enough money for the plane ride.  Hopefully it all paid off.
She walks through the sandy beach to the house.  Along the way she could have sworn that she saw a man who looked just like Bryant.  Except he was a lifeguard and on his nametag read Casey.  Lifeguard Casey was meeting his other African American lifeguard friend named Michael.
Jamie sighs with nervousness.  She walks up to the steps and after thinking about it on the plane ride, she knew how she was going to say it.  Very straight forward.  So just like that it was time.  Jamie knocks on the door.  Samantha answers it with a questionable look on her face.
"Can I help you?"  Samantha asks in a coy way.
"Hi.  I might have spoken to you on the phone.  I'm here to see Bryant Cranston.  Is he here?"  Jamie asks with hope.
"No I'm sorry he isn't.  Thanks for stopping by though."  Samantha goes to shut the door on her face but Jamie stops it.
"Somehow I don't believe you.  Just like I didn't believe you when you said you were going to tell him that I called."
Samantha shakes her head out of frustration.  "Look Bryant doesn't need any of this, you understand?  He has a life with me, here, and he's happy.  More happy than he could ever be in that messed up Kensington Weird place.  Please, just leave or I'll call the police!"
"I have gone through way too much shit to come here and have you end it all.  Now either you're going to let me in or I'm going to claw my way in!"  Jamie warns her as the two girls stare each other down.
Carmen and Xavier make it to their new hideout spot.  It was in a remote and redone area of the town.  It was Bryant Barrone and Carmen's home when they lived on the set of "Kensington Way."  The Heidel household and the Braving homes were still erect but no one was occupying them.

"I always thought that the cops would implode this part of town but they didn't.  There was always a part of me who knew that I would return to this.  Now I have you to thank."  Carmen says while walking into her old studio where she used to watch every scene of her plotted show.

"This was where everything happened.  Too bad you don't have any tapes, I would love to watch them."  Xavier says.
"Wish I did too but I'm sure they were confisicated.  Along with other things.  The neighbors surely enough wouldn't be suspicious and we parked far away."  Carmen adds.
"You're just like me.  Always thinking ahead so that we don't get caught."  Xavier says with an evil smile.
Carmen begins to think while touching the old screens to her closed off stricken set.  "I got it!  I know what we're going to do.  I created this place so in all fairness, I should be the one who ends it.  With your help...on new years eve, let's blow up Kensington Way!"
"I love it and I love you!"  Xavier passionately exclaims. He then takes her in his arms and kisses her.  "All of this plotting is really turning me on!  Why don't we make some explosions of our own."  He giggles with excitement before making even more moves on her.
Sanjana returned to her home with a few shopping bags in her hand.  Anytime she was in a bad mood, shopping always made things better.  That and the fact that she was paying Raj back by spending his money.
Before she saw Raj to make up with him, she began having flashbacks of her own past.  It wasn't her fault that she was a chosen one to see into people's lives.  Sanjana could even see what was going to happen with her marriage and the vibes that she were getting, weren't good.  Sanjana's visions always came better with other people other than herself.

She comes to and looks up to see Dravis standing in front of her.  He scares her before turning around to find Raj with a sorry look on his face.

"Senum, I'm sorry about what I said.  I just needed to say it and if you don't understand then I don't know what to do.  I don't want to fight with you.  Let's just be together and not let your visions ruin anything."  Raj suggests.
There were so many things Sanjana wanted to say to her but anyone knew that it would provoke more fighting so she just bit her lip and nodded her head to agree.  Before they went to hug each other, the doorbell went off.  Sanjana knew who was there and when Raj answered it to find Tiffany, he wasn't pleased.
"Hi may I speak to Sanjana please?"  Tiffany asks him.  "Raj right?"
Raj quickly hides his disgust and puts on a smile for her.  "Yes, come on in."  He welcomes her.  Sanjana shakes her head to question why she's there.
"I'm sorry for coming on such short notice but I needed to talk to you right away.  After doing a lot of thinking-"  Tiffany is interrupted by Sanjana.
"Before you go on, there's something that you need to know...I can't help you."  Sanjana explains.  "Your best bet, is to just leave and forget about everything."

Raj was smiling with content as Tiffany was confused.  She didn't even say good bye she just left.
"There are you happy?"  Sanjana asks Raj.  He nods his head yes.  Sanjana runs out the door to find Tiffany.  Raj watches from a far to see if his wife could seal the deal. 
"Wait!"  Sanjana calls out to her.  Tiffany stops before getting into her car.  "That was all an act for something that I can't explain.  I'll stop by later and I will help you.  I promise.  Now leave and look upset."  Sanjana instructs.
Tiffany does just what she asks.  She kind of got the drift from Raj that she wasn't welcome so whatever it took to figure out what Dravis meant in the dream, was going to have to be done.  Tiffany drives off and Sanjana folds her arms.
Minutes Later
At the beach house, Jamie pushes her way to get inside.  She starts screaming for Bryant until Samantha grabs her.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?  Leave!"  Samantha demands.
"Get your grimy hands off of me."  Jamie screams.

Samantha forcefully grabs her to push her out of the house.  The two begin to struggle until Jamie winds up and smacks her across the face.  Samantha pulls her Jamie's hair as Jamie pulls hers.  The two begin to scream as they struggle back and forth until falling over the living room couch.  Samantha slaps her across the face.  Jamie pushes Samantha and she falls back on to the couch.  Jamie jumps on top of her and continues pulling her hair.  Samantha pushes her face away with her hand and throws her over the coffee table.  The girls get up to face each other.  Jamie picks up some magazines and throws its at her.  Samantha quickly ducks until bull rushing her onto the ground.  Jamie kicks Samantha in the ankle to make her go down.  Both girls continue to pull each other hair until Bryant comes inside.

"Hey what the hell is going on here?"  He pulls Samantha off of Jamie until realizing that Jamie was there.  "Jamie?"
"Sorry dad!"  Jamie apologizes but covers her mouth after realizing what truth she has just spilled.
Ivan opens the door to Leona pretending to be Tiffany.  She puts out her hand for him to greet her but quickly gets back into character.  Tiffany is shy versus Leona who is a man eater.  She walks in and sits down on his couch and folds her arms.
"You know I'm glad you called.  I'm really sorry about what happened with Dravis."  Ivan sympathetically says.
"Thank you Ivan.  It means a lot to hear you say that."  Leona pretends. 
"Would you like to stay for dinner?  You know how great my cooking is.  It would be my pleasure if you would."  Ivan asks.
"Yes, I would like that very much.  Thank you.  Please excuse me, while I powder my nose."  Leona exits to his bathroom.  She looks around and realizes that she has Tiffany down to the tee.
Ivan was getting ready to make dinner, a non poisonous one of course, until he hears her cell phone going off.  He wanted no distractions so he digs through the purse to turn it off.  Instead he answers it, thinking that it might have been Leona.  Last time it was Dravis.  Ivan always had luck when he answered Tiffany's phone because they lead to some sort of destruction.
"Hello?"  Ivan asks.
"Ivan?"  What are you doing with my phone?"  Tiffany asks him from her house phone.
Ivan realizes that he was being duped by Leona.  "Yes Tiffany, I found it.  I'll return it to you when I get a chance.  Good night."  He hangs up with her and puts the phone back into her purse until she has a chance to come back.
"So what's for dinner?"  Leona asks.  "Since Dravis's death, I haven't been able to eat a thing."
In the Kensington Way Hospital, Jacob was up and about in his room with a cast on his right arm.  He was dressed ready to leave because Doctor Yuri gave him permission.  As he gathered his things, Richard walked in with some paper work.
"Your recovery was one of the fastest I've ever seen.  Take some pills to relieve the pain in your arm.  Make sure to make frequent visits and check ups with us."  He instructs.  Doctor Yuri takes a flashlight and looks into his pupils while also checking his head.  "No bumps, no nothing.  You're completely fine.  It's amazing.  The cat scans showed how you went from practically being dead to having a scattering of brainwaves."

Jacob nods his head.  "Thank you for everything, I'm sorry about the outburst last night.  I don't know what got into me."  Jacob fibbed because he knew very well what image was burned within his mind.

"You were in an awakening state.  Something might have triggered you to go berserk in a way.  Just sign these and you're good to go."  The doctor handed him the paperwork and a pen to sign for his release.  He signs it and returns it.
He was all packed and ready to go back to his empty apartment.  Candace's things might still be there but he was worried about something even bigger.  Xavier and Carmen.
Xavier had made one mistake within his lies and his murdering ways.  He forgot to kill Jacob and to make sure he was dead because that was how he wanted to see his old friend.
Back in California, Jamie and Samantha had calmed down.  Samantha agreed not to press charges as did Jamie.  The two apologized for Bryant's sake.  The slip had made Bryant question what Jamie meant.  Samantha was still upset by Jamie's presence but wanted to please her new man, so she stayed silent and continued to clean up the place while Jamie talked to Bryant.
"The reason why I tracked you down was to tell you the truth.  I never meant for any of this to happen but you know me.  You know me a little too well.  Dravis's wasn't my father, you were.  Carmen told me everything."  Jamie explains. 
"You can't always believe what that witch tells you."  Bryant says in a fatherly tone.  "There was something that I never told you.  When I regained my memory back, everything came back to me.  One of those flashbulb images was when I slept with Carmen when we were younger."  Bryant sighs with disbelief and disgust.  "Never did I think that the whole situation would have ended up the way that it did."

Jamie smiles because she knew the dysfunction that he was feeling.  She swoops in to hug him.  He embraces her back.  Their moment was short lived when Samantha couldn't take anymore and decided to speak up.
"Sorry Bryant but I have to say it.  She's lying!  She obviously wants something and why now?  Why all of a sudden would she come out of no where to tell you this!"  Samantha accuses.
"I'm not a liar.  Do you know how hard it was for me to find out, let alone coming so many miles to find him.  Did she even tell you that I called?"  Jamie stopped fighting.  "Look you know the truth now.  There's really nothing that I can do.  I've already caused so much and my flight for Kensington Way leaves in a few hours.  Tiffany needs me because Dravis was killed.  If you want to be my father, I'm here for you with open arms in Kensington Way.  Please dad, let's be a family." 
Jamie looks at Samantha who was shaking her head.  Jamie then takes her things and leaves with a tear in her eye which Bryant saw come out of her eye.  Maybe it was too late for everything.  Bryant was exactly saying anything to stop her from leaving.
Bryant had a lot on his mind.  Samantha goes to hold him but he quickly shrugged her off.  "Did she try reaching me?"  Bryant asks.

Samantha was silent.  "Damn it Sammy tell me what's going on!  You've been hiding a lot from me and I need to know!  Start talking!"  Bryant demanded.

Sanjana had left Raj alone at the home.  He was working on a few last minute things for his job and for the holiday season.  Tiffany was happy to see her when she opened the door to her in.  Already Sanjana was seeing visions.
"I kind of the got the vibe that I was either imposing or not allowed at your place."  Tiffany suggested as they made their way to the living room.
"Yes there's a few things I don't feel comfortable discussing with about my marriage.  Except if you see Raj, I was never here."  Sanjana takes Tiffany's palm of her hand to look at it. 
"I see him.  Your fiancee is gorgeous.  He's actually around you all the time.  His smile shows his warmth for you."  Sanjana starts.
"That sounds just like him.  Let me tell you about my dream last night.  I dreampt that he was here in the house.  It was like he never left but he said that we could be together but it would be too confusing to explain.  Can you tell me anything?"  Tiffany asked.
Sanjana looked past Tiffany's shoulder.  She couldn't see him but Dravis was trying to tell Sanjana something important.  Sanjana had a very worried look upon her face and then shook her head to tell him "no!"
"What is it?  What is he trying to tell you?"  Tiffany wanted to desperately know.

"I can't.  I won't tell her that!  That's wrong."  Sanjana then looks at Tiffany.  "He said...he said that if you...I can't do it."  Sanjana gets up to leave until Tiffany grabs her arm to stop her.

"Please you have to tell me!  Whatever it is it, I'll do it.  I love him and he knows it."
Sanjana stays silent by looking down at the floor before speaking.  "Dravis wants you to kill yourself.  He said that like Romeo and Julliet you two would be together in eternity.  In some dream place...I can't say anything more and I don't advise that you listen to him.  There could be bad spirits here, I'm sensing something but I don't what it is.  I have to go, Raj is waiting for me."
Sanjana quickly exits out the door.  She was shocked by the words that were coming out of her mouth.  The one thing she never wanted to do was to scare her "patients."  Obviously Tiffany was in a state of denial and would do anything to be with Dravis.
The date with Ivan was going smoothly for Leona/Tiffany.  He had cooked her a really nice meal like always.  He was sympathetic to her.  He was also playing his game.
"You've had a really rough time.  It would be my pleasure if you spent the night with me.  We wouldn't be alone for the holiday season.  Tiffany you know how I feel about you."  Ivan lures.
The true inner being wanted to jump his bones right there but she had to be passive.  She had to think like Tiffany.  Was he testing her?  Tiffany would go for him, wouldn't she?  Well this Tiffany was about to. 
"Yes Ivan.  That would be very nice."  Tiffany agreed just to save her sister's life.  Soon she was going to turn the tables and have arrested but that time wasn't quite there yet.

They went to the bedroom.  Ivan had a smile on his face because he was about to score one last time with Leona before blowing her brains out.  He laughed in his mind as he grabbed his .34 magnum gun while she wasn't looking.  Ivan places it quietly under his bed.

Sanjana covered her tracks wisely.  She went back to the house to find Raj coyly waiting up for her.  He didn't ask at her first where she had been so she decided to kiss him on the cheek.
"Where were you senum?"  Raj asks the million dollar question.
She smiles back at him.  "I was just doing some holiday shopping.  That's all."  She replies while waving the bag of presents to him. 
"Sure you were."  Raj mutters under his breath.

All of a sudden Sanjana's eyes light up and she falls to the ground like she's been shot.  Raj screams her name as he goes to rescue.  He starts to lightly shake her.  Sanjana can feel him trying to grab her attention but what she sees is Tiffany in a bath tub.  Candles were lit and she was about to dunk her head under water so that she could be with Dravis in eternity.

"No!  Don't do it Tiffany!"  Sajana screams.  She sees a possessed version of Vanessa whispering into Tiffany's ear, telling her to continue the deed.

Vanessa looks at Tiffany and says "You're not my mommy!"
It wasn't Dravis telling Sanjana that message, it was Vanessa's doing.  Sanjana kept screaming while she came to out of her psychic trance.
"Raj, I have to go.  Tiffany's in trouble and I need to save her life!"  Sanjana assures him.
"NO Sanjana!  Enough is enough.  If you walk out that door, then you walk out of this marriage!  It's your choice!"  Raj throws out his ultimatum, not knowing the danger that Tiffany was truly in.

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