Part Six of Six: Episode 2

Previously on Kensington Way Continued:

- Jamie and Dravis said some words after she told him that she was visiting Bryant at the hospital. He told her that she should let the past be and she told him that at times she wishes they weren't related. When Jamie visited Bryant, he was soon to be released, but couldn't help her further with information about her past because he couldn't remember. Bryant makes her realize that she has to face Carmen herself because only she has the true answers that Jamie wants.

- Leona's true intentions to come to town was because she was hired by someone to break up Dravis and Tiffany since she hated her sister so much. After having a flashback of the continuing fight they got into, Leona took it a step further to sleep with her boss...Ivan Jones.

- Dravis left for Los Angeles with Xavier who had secret plans of his own but she didn't tell him good bye or that she loved him. Tiffany felt too betrayed to tell him anything. She then gets a call from Ivan (while he's with Leona) asking for dinner. She agrees.

- Carmen is back in her padded cell only this time she had a familiar friend across the hall...Miranda.

- The date between Tiffany and Ivan heats up. He wines her and dines her, which leads to them kissing because she had no remorse for Dravis. When Tiffany leaves to freshen up, the phone rings. Dravis calls her from his hotel balcony hoping to reconcile things, except Ivan answers the phone.

Dravis hangs up the phone in disgust after hearing another man's voice on the other end.  He sighs when he thinks of who could be there.  His mind begins to play tricks on him when he imagines someone all over his fiance.
He walks back into the hotel room to find it empty.
"What am I going to do?  I'm one hundred miles away and I can't do a thing about it."  Dravis look around the room.  "And I'm going crazy because I'm talking to myself."
Dravis sits on his bed but all he could think of was Tiffany.  To get his mind off of her, he looks for his version of the Kensington Way script but it was no where in sight.  He looks on Xavier's side of the room for his version.  After snooping around, he finds it under the hotel desk, tucked away in what was almost a secret place. 
Something was different.  The title was crossed out and instead of it reading Kensington Way, it read Dream World.  Dravis begins to flip through the pages to find the changes.  Plots were different, there were notes that had nothing to do with Dravis's vision, even the character names were crossed out.  Dravis does a double take to see that his name wasn't credited on the title page, it was Xavier's.
Dravis picks up his cell phone and dials Xavier.  Xavier picks up on the first ring.
"Where the hell are you?"  Dravis asks in a furious tone.
"I'm getting a few things for tonight's party.  Look I have no time to chat, just be at the pool cabana at midnight.  That should give you enough time, it's only eight.  I'll see you then."  Just like that Xavier hangs up on Dravis who was seeing red.
"That bastard stole my script!  Damn it.  No way in hell is this going down!"

Back in Kensington Way, Tiffany walks in to her living room from the kitchen after cleaning up a bit.  Ivan lightly grabs her to pull her in for more action but she declines.
"Who was on the phone?"  Tiffany asked.
"I'm not sure.  They didn't say anything.  However, I'm not worried about who was on the other end.  Let's just focus on tonight."
Tiffany smiles at him but then looks down.  She pulls out of his grasp to turn away from Ivan.  She bites her lip but then turns back around to him.
"Look, if I don't say it now then I'll feel bad about it in the morning or the next day.  Thank you for everything but no thanks.  I'm too wrapped up in my soon-to-be marriage, that us kissing, is just going to complicate things.  You're a great guy and you'll make someone happy, it just won't be me."  Tiffany explains.
Ivan walks over to her and hugs her.  "I'm sure you don't mean that.  I felt something in that kiss.  I know you felt something too.  Maybe tonight wasn't a good night but don't forget about me.  With complicated and failed marriages, I've been there.  Except I want to be more to you than just a friend."  Ivan retorts.
"Thank you.  Maybe another night, if I need you I'll call you as a friend of course."
Ivan kisses her cheek to tell her good bye.  He leaves the house.  When the door shuts, Tiffany rushes into the living room to find a picture of her and Dravis together.  A tear begins to fall from her cheek.
"I need you!"  Tiffany says.  Tiffany grabs a piece of paper from the dining room table, her jacket, and her car keys to leave.


In the late night, Jamie makes her way to visit Carmen.  The place gave her the creeps.  As she walked by each room, she shivered a bit with fear.  Jamie goes through security to be scanned for clearance.  A guard walks with her.
"Here it is.  I'll be behind you at all times.  Don't worry, she's in there pretty tight."  He reassures her.
"With her, I wouldn't be so sure."  Jamie sarcastically jokes with him but really meant it as a warning.
The metalic door had a mediumed sized eye level window that swung open after a buzzing noise went off.  When it did, she saw Carmen's face.  Their eyes met.  Hers was scared as Carmen's was with joy.
"Oh my dear.  It's been a while.  You don't know how happy I am that you're here.  A baby could never leave their mother's womb."  Carmen laughs.
"You don't know how much courage I had to muster up to come here!  This isn't bliss, this is a nightmare.  Had I known what you were capable of, I would have wished that you had a miscarriage when I was just a twinkle in those satanic eyes of yours!"  Jamie said in disgust.
"Well you're here now so what have you come for my dear.  What can mommy dearest assist you with?"
"I need your help with Bryant.  I heard what you tried doing to him.  Face it, you're not going anywhere, so tell me what you know.  Tell me why you tried killing him."  Jamie asked.
Jamie was right, there was really no where for Carmen to go since she was chained down in confinement, but of course Carmen Ludiarez was smarter than that.  What she couldn't do physically, she could do emotionally.  That was exactly what she was about to wage, a psychological war.
"It shouldn't really matter what I tell you.  If I say that I have the answers then you're best bet is to trust my every word.  The reason why I tried killing Bryant was from telling you the truth.  Dravis isn't your father...Bryant is."  Carmen admitted.
Everything in Jamie's system was closing in on her.  She was in pure shock.  "You bitch.  You wretched bitch!  How could you do that to Dravis?  How could you do that Bryant?"  Spit was coming out of her mouth.
Jamie lunges at Carmen who tries biting her as she kept laughing at her.  The guard quickly pulls Jamie away from Carmen and begins to escort her out.
"I HOPE YOU ROTT IN THERE!"  Jamie screams.
Carmen kept laughing but screamed back.  "Remember dear, the truth is only what I tell you!"  The face door slams shut and Carmen knew that it wasn't over.  Not in the least.


Bryant finishes getting dressed.  Doctor Yuri walks in and greets him.  He hands him some papers to sign which he does.
"Thank you for everything doctor.  Hopefully my medical insurance covers all of the stuff I caused  I apologize for having a psycho trying to kill me.  You helped me out so much."
"That's my job.  Now you have a place to go back to, correct?"  Doctor Yuri asks.
"Of course.  I have someone to take me as well."  Bryant tells him.  In the door way a female similar to Bryant's age walks him out.  Bryant turns around to rummage in his pocket.
"Doctor if Jamie comes by, please give this note to her."  He hands him the piece of paper.
He walks out as the woman with him drives him away in her car.  He turns around to stop until he shakes his head as he shuts the door to drive away.  Quietly making his exit.

In another part of town, Ivan opens the door to his empty darkened office.  He flicks the light on and walks over to his desk.  His computer screensaver was flashing so Ivan taps the mouse pad to turn on his computer.  Ivan types his password in and opens up the TIFFANY folder and sits down to type a new log.

On the other end of office door, Leona walks up but before knocking she hears him talking out loud.  Leona places her ear closer to the door to listen.  Ivan Jones's office might have been private, except he had told Leona where it was to show her he trusted her.  She also had office sex fantasies that they fulfilled as well.

Back in the office, Ivan opens up his desk to pull out a picture.  The man that he was looking at was very familiar.
"She killed you!  That horrible woman killed you.  You didn't even stand a chance to survive."  Ivan places the picture down.  "Don't worry, I'll kill her for you.  Justice will be"
Leona was shocked when she heard what he said.  She knew that he was talking about Tiffany.
"Oh my god.  I have to save her.  Before it's too late."  Leona muttered to herself.  Leona quickly left to actually be a good sibling.  Just like Ivan was trying to be to his brother Richard Scheiver or as he was known in the Kensington Way story, Ryley Schantz, the man Tiffany pushed over a cliff.

Jamie rushes over to the Kensington Way Hospital to go and see Bryant so that she could tell him the news.  She didn't even think to tell Dravis.  The last time they spoke it wasn't good and he was busy with his writing stuff.  She didn't think it was the right time, it just would've bothered him or made things even more complicated.
She makes her way to his room to find it empty and being cleaned by a nurse.
"Where's Bryant?"  Jamie asks with concern.
"Mister Cranston was checked out a few hours ago." The nurse explains.  "If you'd like, I could go and get a doctor for-" 
"That won't be necessary."  Doctor Yuri interrupts.  "Jamie would you follow me please."  He assists her down the hallway as they continue to walk.
"What's going on doctor?  Tell me!"  Jamie demands.
"Bryant left with a friend I'm guessing but he wanted me to give you this note."  Doctor Yuri hands her the piece of paper.  "Good news is that he was healthy.  Which is rare for someone to survive after all that he went through."
He leaves her with the note.  She begins to read it and imagines Bryant's voice on the other end.
Jamie, first I need to thank you for everything that you did.  If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be living.  I'm sorry that I couldn't help you further with what you were looking for.  I'm also sorry about everything I ever put you through.  Past or present.  I've actually left this town.  You shouldn't go looking for me.  There's really no need to.  What I need is a new life...a new change.  Thanks to you, it's all possible.  You kept me alive.  You're a special girl.  Love, Bryant
With tears streaming down her eyes onto the paper, she folds it in her jean pocket.

"I have to find you.  You have to know the truth.  You have to know that you're my real father!"


Dravis's cell phone flashes 12:00 AM.  He clenches his fists and the script full of changes, while making his way to the pool cabana, expecting to pluck Xavier out of a crowd of big wigs to make an ugly scene.  When he gets there, not one person is there.  Except for privacy and Xavier who was smugly sitting in a chair, smoking a cigar.
"You call this a party?"  Dravis asks.
Xavier stays silent, he blows a ring of smoke towards Dravis.  Dravis throws the script at him.
"I found out what you did or what you're trying to do!  You're lucky that I don't sue you for everything you're worth!  You're a theif and you're fired as my manager."  Dravis yells.
Xavier claps his hands to congratulate him.  "You caught on.  For once the dream kid catches on.  You want to know what happened to the last two people who caught on?  One died and one ended up in a coma.  All thanks to me.  Just because they couldn't keep their nose out of my business.  You however are a different story."  Xavier explains as he pulls out his gun and aims it at him.  "Candace and Jacob had problems so it was easy to make it look like they killed themselves.  Yet again, suicide plagues another one of my clients."
"You won't get away this.  Every criminal slips up.  Carmen did and you're not even in the same league with her.  You won't get away with it."
"Dravis!"  A familiar voice yells out from a far.
Tiffany comes running to him and hugs him.  "I couldn't be without you.  I need you Dravis!  I love you."  Tiffany then notices Xavier holding his gun.
"Well, this is like a page out of one of your scripts or should I say my script."  He laughs out loud.  "I kind of feel bad.  I took your script and now I can take your wife.  I only have one bullet."  He aims the gun at the both of them as they hold on to each other in fear.  "Who should I kill?"
Xavier pulls the trigger and the bullet travels for Tiffany.  In slow motion while his heart pounds, Dravis jumps in front of the bullet.  It hits him the chest.  Tiffany screams and Xavier quickly runs away.  Dravis falls into the pool.  He sees Tiffany crying as his lifeless body sinks to the bottom while the blue color of the pool, turns to red.


On the next Kensington Way Story Arc:

- Will Leona save Tiffany from Ivan?

- Can Jamie find Bryant to tell him the truth?

- Will Dravis survive?

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