Part Five of Six:

Previously on Kensington Way Continued:

- The police investigated KXO Agency after Candace was killed by Xavier. However, Xavier was able to cover his tracks by telling them that Candace was suicidal and wanted to kill herself only he tried stopping her with no success. After leaving the crime scene, he knew that Candace had called Jacob to tell him something, so Jacob had to be dealt with. With one phone call, it was in the works.

- To get her mind off of life, Tiffany goes shopping where she runs into Ivan who had planned the "unexpected" meeting. The two flirt with each other and he hands her her card with a message to call him when she needs someone to talk to.

- Bryant saw Jamie for the first time and was clueless to who she was. She tried explaining everything to him but the story was complicated and she had no answers what so ever. Before she left heartbroken, Carmen was about to kill Bryant, but seeing Jamie the plan was messed up. Carmen wasn't caught but she planned on getting him the next day.

- Leona decided to up the anty and threaten Dravis to tell Tiffany everything. He wanted to kick her out, except Tiffany had walked in and demanded to know what secret they were keeping because she knew that they were keeping one from her.

- Jacob was devastated over Candace's death. He was determined to make it to Kensington Way from Reno to confront Xavier because he knew that his friend had betrayed him by killing the one he loved. Jacob kept speeding up hills, making tight bends, and when he went to throw on the breaks, they were cut. He then flipped his car over the barriers and crashed.


As the sun sets on the farther side of what looked to be a nice calm setting, like a beach, total darkness arose.  He didn't know what was going on but he knew that it couldn't be good.  Out of no where a now red glowing light grew closer to him.  Dravis knew that he was dreaming but somehow his dreams were being shared with someone else.

Dravis watched as Vanessa walked out of the glowing light and walked over to Jacob who didn't seem to notice Dravis.

"What are you doing Jamie?"  Dravis asked her.

She turned around to face him.  "That's not my name.  At least not for now.  Please call me by the name you know me as.  I may be your daughter but please call me Vanessa!"  The little girl had scolded him.

"Okay Vanessa." He appeased her.  "So what are you doing here?"

"For many reasons.  For one to warn both of you.  You are in a whirlwind of danger and everything around you will crumble.  How much is your dream really worth?  Giving up the life you have now?"

Dravis was shocked because he didn't know why she said that.  She then turned her attention to Jacob.  He finally noticed her but couldn't see Dravis.

"Am I dead?"  He asked her.

"No.  You're not.  One day, soon enough, we will be together.  You'll know it when the time comes."  Vanessa said as she took his hand into her small palms.  From a far, Dravis didn't know what she meant by that either.  It had been a while since the younger dream toting psychic had popped up in his dreams.

"One's in danger and the other is just beginning."  She heeded to the both of them.  Just like that she was gone.  Both men noticed each other.  Jacob wakes up in the Kensington Way hospital and Dravis wakes up in his bed.  Seeing Tiffany folding her arms in the bedroom doorway.



Bryant wakes up in his bed to find Jamie flashing him a warm smile.  He extends his hand out to touch her.  She touches him back, holding on to his grasp.

"Good morning."  Jamie says.  "I know that this might be out of line to ask you but do you even remember just the slightest thing about me or about the past?"

Bryant looks at her with weary eyes.  He then shakes his head to side as if to brush it off as if it were nothing.  Slowly he opened his mouth to speak.

"Wow.  What a hello that was.  To answer your question, kind of.  I had the strangest dream.  You were in it."  He said with a smile.

Jamie could only smile that his memory was coming together one by one and little by little.

"You don't know how much that means to me.  There are some things that you probably won't regain but I talked to the doctor's and hopefully you do.  Hopefully everything will come to you."

"Why don't you help me?  Tell me everything that you know about me!"  Bryant asked with curiosity.

Jamie sits down next to Bryant's hospital bed.  "I'll give you the short story.  Basically your name is Bryant Cranston, you used to be an actor, until you were in the hospital after your crazy ex-wife named Carmen shot you in the head.  The story just angers me.  We went through a lot!  I thought you were dead.  The crush of my life turns out to be my father.  And I thought that you were my uncle because you practically raised me all my life."

"Who are you talking about?"

"Dravis Heidel.  Your old neighbor.  I don't know who you are or what you are to me.  For the longest time, I thought you were my uncle, but you were more than a father to me than Dravis could ever be.  That's why I keep coming here.  You're getting better and for some reason, I know that you're something to me.  I just don't know the truth but you do..."  Jamie sighs as she fights back some tears to cry.  "And until you know what it is and what it is that I want, then I don't know why I come here because I'm disobeying my father!"

"If I remember anything drastic, then I'll be the first to let you know.  Hell, I don't even know when I'm going to get out of there or where I live."

"Come with me.  I'm sure you'll be able to get out of here so live with me.  Live in Dravis's house, I know that he might be a little pissed but so what.  You can stay with us!"

"Are you serious?  You would do that for me?"  Bryant asks.

"Get your things because you're coming home!"  Jamie began to go through his belongings to help him pack.  Bryant was speechless.  She continued to pack for him until he put his hand to stop her.  It sort of caught her off guard but his voice needed to snap her back into reality.

"What you're doing is really nice but there's no possible way that it will happen.  I've heard the doctor's talking and I'm not getting here anytime soon."  Bryant popped her bubble by turning her down.

"Then fine.  Then that means that I'll just visit you every day."  Jamie told him with a smile.  "I'll see you later."

Jamie almost hugs Bryant but stops as she thinks that it's a little awkward.  She shuts the door to Bryant's room to leave him alone.  Jamie walks towards the exit until a door to another hospital room is open.  She peeks into it and sees a man wrapped up in bandages and casts.  He seemed attractive to her, at least the parts that weren't bruised and cut.

Jacob opened his eyes and notices Jamie in the doorway.  With every bone in his body he shoots her a smile.  There was something about her that made him feel warm inside, even if he couldn't feel his bones or physical feelings.  In that quick instance, Jamie gasps at the sign that she had been caught by him.  She quickly turns around to sink her back into the wall.

"I've already made the mistake of older men!"  Jamie laughed as she exited.



After fighting with Tiffany downstairs he had laid his head to rest only to wake up for round two.  The beans had been spilled and Tiffany knew the truth.  That he slept with Leona.

"We're not done talking!"  Tiffany said.  The tone in her voice was icy.  Her eyes were the same.  "Don't think that you can just sleep off what you did.  This isn't a dream!"

"You're right.  It's a nightmare.  Things were going so well for us but like my luck, all good things have to come to and end or at least make a break in the middle.  Your sister came in here like a hurricane.  She did this, not me!"  Dravis explained.  He got up from the bed to be closer to Tiffany so that he can look her square into her eyes.  "The whole time I thought it was you.  It felt like you.  How was I supposed to know that you had a twin sister?"

Tiffany turned away from him and folded her arms.  When she did that, Dravis knew that she was hurting inside.  Her arms were clinging on to her torn soul.

"Aside from the fact that it happened, which it shouldn't have, you kept it a secret from me.  You had plenty of time and chances to tell me but you didn't!"  She started to point hard in his chest with her index finger.  "You and Leona conspired to keep it under lock and key!  That's why I'm upset.  That's why I don't want to see the both of you so you can be the one to kick her out because you might be following!"

Before Tiffany could finish more of her threat, Leona was overhearing everything until she made her presence known.  She slowly walked in and knew that she wasn't wanted by both of them.

"Look you may be angry at Dravis, but-"  Leona started but was quickly interrupted.

"No!  You are in no position to come up here and tell me how I should feel or who I should be angry at because of the shit that you started!"

Dravis kept shaking his head at Leona.  Leona honestly felt bad deep down inside or at least that was what she wanted to show to her sister.  However, no one, not even Tiffany would know it.

"How dare you come in to my home and try to take over my life!  How dare you pretend to be me and then have the audacity to sleep with my fiance!  My fiance, not yours!  You have been jealous of me and of my life ever since we were little."  She pauses to regain herself but then screams.  "MY LIFE!  NOT YOURS.  MINE!  And what you did was sick.  It was worse then sick.  It was down right pathetic."

"What do you want to me say?  There's really no reason-" Leona tried to speak again.

Tiffany slaps her across the face as the smack makes even Dravis wince.  Leona places her hand on her face to console her stung cheek.

"There is no excuse for being a whore!  Now I want you to get your things and get out of here!  Or I will see to it that you will be personally drug out by every hair on your head."  Tiffany turns her attention back to Dravis.  "I don't care if you're still here.  This isn't over.  Not in the least."  Tiffany warns as she exits the bedroom.  Dravis goes after Tiffany and knocks into Leona's shoulders.  When Leona's alone, all she can do is smile.


Later that day, Ivan was typing on his computer, until he gets a phone call on his cell phone.  He looks at the caller ID and wasn't happy who was on the other end.  He thought about ignoring it but knew that the caller would not stop until he answered.  He quickly tears off the bandage to answer his flip phone.
"Hello?"  Ivan asks in an agitated voice.
The caller on the end talks but we can't hear their voice.  Ivan shakes his head in frustration. 
"Look I'm not going to investigate that girls death just tamper with evidence.  It's bad enough what you have me doing!  If you can think of any other reasonable jobs that don't involve my past, then I'll be more than happy to do it, but if you can't then just forget it!"  Ivan hung up his phone.
He goes back to his computer and brings up the pictures that he took of Tiffany the other day he met her at the shopping atrium.  Each one fascinated him because of her beauty. 
"If I'm going to get the job done then it's time to step it up a bit!"  Ivan stood up and left his office.


In Bryant's hospital room, he watches some television after feeling a little bit drowsy.  There's a knock on his door.  He's thinking that it would be Jamie again but it wasn't, it was Doctor Yuri holding a medical chart which obviously belongs to Bryant.

"Your condition seems to be improving.  The catscan tests in the beginning of your stay were not looking so good.  They weren't showing signs of your brain working.  Except now your brainwaves have improved drastically.  Days ago you were in unstable condition.  We all thought that you were going to die but you didn't.  You'll be free to leave tomorrow."

It was the best news that Bryant had heard the past couple of days.  He smiled and shook Doctor Yuri's hand.  "Thank you.  Thank you for everything.  You really have helped me out a lot."

"I can't take all the credit.  Your niece helped out a lot too.  She's practically your miracle."  Doctor Yuri resonded.

"She's not my niece, she's my-"  He stopped because he didn't know what he was saying.  Something in the back of his mind was making him want to say something else but the thought quickly popped out.  "She's amazing."

Doctor Yuri exited.  Around the corner in what she would like to call her private nurse's station Carmen was ready to strike again.  The poisonous  syringe was ready to be injected into Bryant's I.V. drop that he was still connected to.  It was his medicine to help him sleep but with what Carmen was going to give him, he was going to be sleeping forever.  Carmen flicked the syringe as she placed it back in her pocket of her nurse's uniform.

Slowly she entered Bryant's room.  He hadn't noticed her but she was going to get him quickly.  Bryant had turned over in his bed to fall asleep because of the drip was making him tired.  He turned off his television set and sunk his head onto his pillow.  He could hear a nurse in his room but them being there wasn't bothering him.

"It's time to shut you up for good!  Jamie will never know the truth."  She whispered to him.

Before he knew it, hands were grabbing his mouth, well one hand to be exact.  The other was duck taping his arms to the bed so he couldn't escape.  His eyes were wide opened as he tried to scream.  He made eye contact with her.  Something in his mind had struck him in which he knew her from somewhere, the scene was of her pointing a gun at him.  Carmen stuck the needle in the I.V. drip but before she could place it in, Doctor Yuri had come out of no where to stop her.

The two started to struggle.  Carmen pressed the top of the needle.  The posion was about to go into his blood vanes until Bryant grabbed the plastic tube and ripped it out of his arm.  He screamed in pain and for help.  Carmen had scratched Doctor Yuri's face.  Her strike had stung him.  Doctor Yuri fell to the ground.  Carmen tried to run away but he grabbed on to her feet.  She kicked him in the face.  Nurses and other doctors came into the room to help both men.  Doctor Yuri was on top of Carmen, making sure she had no where to go.

"Someone call the cops, now!"  He ordered the others.  "The only place you're going is to jail."

"Who's going to put me there you?  I'll escape just like the other times, my dear!"  Carmen had one more trick up her sleeve.  Carmen started to shake her head forcefully.  Her nurses hat had fallen off.  There was a sharp knife in the top of it.  With her teeth, she picked it up, after all Carmen was a skilled knife assailant.  Doctor Yuri noticed what she was doing and to stop her he judo chopped her in the back of the neck.  The blow had stunned her but before her head hit the hospital carpet, she turned around to stab Doctor Yuri's arm with the knife in her mouth.  Her blood and his blood were both on it but she knew that it wasn't the end, it never was the end for Carmen Ludiarez.


His broken window had been fixed.  It was one of the first things that Xavier wanted to attend to.  The thought of Candace killing herself in his own office was just depressing to him.  Except, he knew the truth.  With Xavier there's always the truth and then there's the lie.  The truth was what he would make others believe and the lie was how he was able to believe it.  After all, it's not a lie unless you believe it.  The fact that he killed Candace and brutally wounded Jacob, was only the stepping stone to who and what he really wanted.

Xavier picks up his office phone to make a call.  "Yes I would like to book the Pool house for a private party please.  Just a few guests.  Two thousand a night?  Sure thing.  Please charge it to my credit card.  My name is Jacob Desmond and my number is..."  Like always Xavier was playing it safe.  His number was blocked and any traces would go back to the basket case Desmond.  At least that's what he thought to himself as he was spewing out the unlawful filth.  Xavier acquired Jacob's credit card by having his hit man steal it off of him after Jacob crashed. 
"Just make sure that I'm getting my money's  worth."  Xavier hangs up the phone.  "Los Angeles will be so much fun both the both of us.  It will be for me at least."

He rummages through his neat desk to find the Kensington Way script with which his name was already credited as the creator.  He then opens the bottom drawer to go through a small cigar box that was stashed way in the back of the bulky space.  Xavier opens it to reveal a small shiny revolver, glistening back at him.

"It's going to be a fun game of Russian Roulette."  Xavier began to laugh in an evil way.  "This Carmen bitch may not have been able to kill Dravis, but I will!

On the Two Part Season Arc Finale of Kensington Way Continued:

- A love triangle is brewing between a broken up supercouple and a possible stalker.

- Jamie gets the news about Carmen's return.

- Jacob's state goes critical.

- Leona's appearance in Kensington Way, is revealed.

- Xavier sets up the party of the lifetime and one main character may be seeing red permanently.