Part Four of Six:

Previously on Kensington Way Continued:

- Jamie was forced to make a decision on if she should take Bryant off life support or not. She decided that it would defeat her purpose of finding anything out about who he truly is to her so she decides to keep him alive. The only thing she can hope for is that he will come back to life. When she left, he uttered her name, to show that he was.

- Leona taunts Dravis some more when it comes to finding out who Jamie is to him. He is annoyed by her but she's not going anywhere because of the secret that they hold. Tiffany walks in and realizes that Leona may have true motive.

- Ivan gets a call in his private quarters from his soon to be ex-wife Bernice. She pleads with him to give up whatever he's trying to do and come back home to her. He tells her that he doesn't love her, he never had, and he never will. He hangs up on her knowing that it may be the last call he makes to her.

- Carmen made Miranda look exactly like her. Doctor Amanda Crowley came in to check on "Carmen" but instead was attacked by Miranda as Carmen hid under the bed. When Amanda died instantly, Carmen took her clothes and her i.d. to break out of the insane asylum. She was on her way to see Dravis and Jamie but someone stood between them.

- Xavier exits his office but Candace stays behind. She snoops around to find some useful contact numbers. Instead she finds Dravis's script and the changes that Xavier did. Candace put two and two together to see that he was trying to steal it so she calls Jacob to tell him. When the phone dial clicks, Xavier was behind her. He had no other choice but to kill her by throwing her out of the four story window.


Police lights were flashing everywhere making shades of purple noticeable.  The police were everywhere.  Upstairs and downstairs of KXO Agency.  The coroner had already taken away the mangled body of Candace.  She was nothing more than a dead caucus underneath heavy black covers.  As were the reporters who already had their top story in the matter of ten minutes.  Secretary commits suicide.  At least that was the story that Xavier gave the police.

"It was very scary.  She kept talking about how she never was going to make it in the biz and I told her everything was going to be okay.  Please...please just don't jump!  I grabbed her to hold her away from the window because she kept looking out at it for some odd reason.  She screamed that she had nothing to live for and threw herself out of the window."  Xavier explained with even better acting skills than Candace could have ever possessed.  "I know for a fact though that she was a heavy cocaine user.  That might have had something to do with her messed up mind."

"I think that we're going to close down the company for a couple of days until everything's fixed.  I'll tell you though, things won't be the same."

Xavier secretly hid Dravis's script of Kensington Way back into his briefcase so that no one could see.  He gave his story and surely enough was able to go.  Everyone around him could see that he was stricken with grief and was shook up.  He played his part well because when he left KXO, he flashed an evil smile within.

The next step was how he was going to deal with his clients, Dravis, and especially Jacob.  Dravis was clueless but Jacob's the one who could blow up his story.  As he drove back to his home, Xavier pulled out his cell phone and waited for the person on the other end to pick up the phone.

"I have a job for you!"


Dressed in casual warm clothes, a light blue sweater and cargo pants, Tiffany walked around the Shopping Atrium with a bag of already bought shoes in her hand.  The weather was warm and the sun was shinning.  Her cell phone rang.  It was Dravis calling her.

“Hi.  Yeah I heard about it on the news, I was going to call you but I didn’t want to wake you.  Try calling Jacob and Xavier.  I don’t suggest you go to work.  I doubt they’ll take you in for questioning.  See you at home.  Is my badder half there?”  Tiffany paused for his response.  “She is?  Oh well, I’ll see you later than.”  Tiffany hung up with Dravis as she peered into a shop that had a dress that she started to dream of.  In the background, she was startled to see Ivan behind her.

“We really need to stop meeting like this.”  Ivan flirts.

Tiffany turned around to face him after being startled by his approach.  With a smile on her face to hide the awkwardness, she replied “we really should!”

“Shopping I see?  That dress would look really good on you.  You only live once, why don’t you go ahead and buy it.”  Ivan smiled while playing devil’s advocate.  “It’ll make you happy.”  He tempted.

“Maybe you should buy it.  For your…wife maybe?”  Tiffany asked.

Ivan puts up his hand to show that he is ring less.  Tiffany bites her lip from asking if there was a past situation or a current relationship.

“It’s a long story but I’m going through a divorce.  My wife cheated on me.”  Ivan was lying through his teeth.  He was the one who left her but Tiffany felt sorry for him and he liked the attention.  “It doesn’t help that I’m new to this town.  I decided to start my life over.  A new job, a new house, a new everything.”

“Well you have a friend in me so anytime you’re lonely.  I’m sure we’ll meet like this again.  My fiancé and I are very nice people.”  Tiffany said.  “I have to get going.”

“You’re getting married?”

“Yes.  Who knows, maybe you’ll get an invite to the wedding.”

Ivan hands him his business card.  “If you’re the one who’s ever lonely, then you should call me.  My number’s on there.  Here are some words of advice.  Marriage isn’t always the best thing.  Call me sometime.  I would love to have the company.  Just the two of us.”  Ivan exited leaving Tiffany stunned.  Was she hit on by a stranger that she only met a few weeks ago?  Tiffany shrugged it off as if it were nothing.


The evening sky fell on the town and as the sun was setting, Bryant was resting his tired eyes.  When he woke up, he saw Jamie standing in front of him.  At first he was a bit startled.

“Who…who are you?”  Bryant curiously asked.

At first she was silent.  She smiled because she knew that a miracle had happened.  However, she didn’t know what proper feelings there were.  Was she mad at him or was she happy that he beat all odds.

“You don’t know who I am?”  Jamie asked back.  “My name is Jamie.  I’m a friend of yours.”

“Really?  That name sounds familiar to me but I don’t know where I know it from.  How long was I out for?”

He really didn’t know a thing.  Jamie watched, lived, and read enough soap operas to know that he obviously had amnesia after being shot in the head by Carmen.  The only thing she could do was appease him and lie to him.  Just like the way he did to her.  “I’m actually a volunteer here for the hospital.  My job’s to go around from room to room to make sure that people such as you are having fun in life.” 

Bryant shot her a confusing look.  “How is being in a hospital fun?  My body hurts, my head hurts, and I don’t remember you at all.  How did I even get in here?”

“You were in a car accident and suffered some head injuries.  Hopefully, deep down inside, I hope that you regain whatever is needed to be regained.  Doctor Yuri will be in soon.”  Jamie reassured him.

In the nurses’ station next door, Carmen was suiting up in a nurses uniform.  Her plan was going to be quick and simple.  Go inside, inject Bryant with a syringe, and then he would die.

“Too bad Bryant.  You should have died whenever I tried killing you the first time!  Now, you’re just going to have to suffer in your sleep.  It’s a much better way to go.”  Carmen smiled as she flicked the syringe full of poison.  “Once you’re out of the way, then Jamie will be mine, and Dravis will be next!”

Back in the hospital room, Jamie felt as if she was wearing out her welcome to someone who forgot who she was.  “I’m going to go.  I have class, that’s actually what I’m doing the volunteer work for.  It was nice seeing you Uncle…I mean, Bryant.  That’s your name by the way.  Bryant Cranston.”

“Thank you.”  He said to her with a smile.  It made her melt inside because it felt like old times.

Carmen walked into the room but quickly saw that he had company and knew that it was Jamie.  Even though both had changed their looks, she never could forget her daughter’s face.  Carmen turned around as Jamie noticed her from behind.

“Nurse?”  Jamie called out to her.  “Excuse me nurse can you do me a favor?”

Carmen didn’t know what to do she was cornered by the one person who she felt the most connected to.  It was also the one person who could ruin her killing streak.  It was the one person who was about to ruin her victorious plans of life.  The only thing that Carmen could do was run away and pretend like she didn’t hear her.  Jamie followed as Carmen reared a corner.  The others who were working didn’t seem to notice.

“Tomorrow is another day.  It will be your last Bryant!”  Carmen said to herself.


Dravis was working on correcting one of his episodes of the six that was hopefully going to be seen by some network television.  He felt bad about what happened to Candace but he didn’t know her too well.  He tried calling Jacob but Jacob didn’t answer, he probably knew though and was too busy to answer his cell phone.

His fingers continued to type until someone appeared behind him.  It smelled like Tiffany and when her hands touched his neck, it felt just like her.  He turned around to find out that it wasn’t.  Tiffany hadn’t come home yet but he was still alone with Leona.

He quickly shrugged her off and shot up out of his seat.  She giggled in a taunting way because she knew how much her being there was making him mad.

“You know what?  You’ve warn out your welcome since the day you’ve been here.  I’m sick of your shit so get out!  Good bye!”  Dravis screamed at her.

“I’m not going anywhere and you know it.”  Leona retorted.  “Men really don’t listen.  All they know how to do is…well we know what you’re good at doing, me!  If Tiffany found out about it.  She’ll freak out.”

“What do you want?  What is it that you want from me?  Just leave.  You’ve already done enough damage.  GET OUT!”

Leona went to hug him but he pushed her off of him.  “I’ll just tell her when she gets back.  She’s due home any minute.”

Dravis and Leona were having a show down.  He wanted to call her bluff but wasn’t sure if he could.  He just stood their, trembling with fear.  “You don’t scare me!  Tiffany loves me and she hates you!”

“You really want to bet your whole love life on that?  Everything that the two of you went through, would be gone for good.  Oh and I’ve done the research.  I’ve read the scripts and it’s one of the most romantic love stories ever.”  Tiffany threatened.

“If you know how good we are together then why would you do something like trick me into sleeping with you?  What do you gain from it?  Everyone has some hidden agenda, so what’s yours!”  Dravis demanded to know.

“I don’t have one.”  Leona said in a low tone.  “It’s none of your business why I came to this town.  None what so ever!”

Dravis knew that he had hit a nerve.  Finally he was the one who was winning a fight against someone who used sex and her conniving looks as a weapon.

“I’ll tell her.  I’ll tell her everything!”  Leona screamed.

Tiffany had walked into the living room.  She crept in unannounced and heard practically everything.  “Tell me what?  You two have been hiding a secret and I want to know what it is!”


The news of Candace’s death kept going through Jacob’s mind as he drove in the dusty roads of the Reno, Nevada desert.  Kensington Way was close by but he drove faster and faster.  He replayed her message in his head.  She was in danger and knew that Xavier had something to do it.  He began to dial the number.  Unfortunately he got Xavier’s voice mail so it was time to leave him an important message.

“I know what you did.  I know that you killed Candace!  I have proof too.  There’s only one person I want to see when I come back to town and that’s you.  You better run and hide because if I find you…I’ll kill you for killing the love of my life!”  Jacob threw his cell phone down to the seat next to him.

He began to speed up.  Faster and faster.  His eyes in the rearview mirror shinned with rage.  His speedometer was saying that he was going at least 100 miles per hour.  He began to ride up a mountain that had barriers to the side of it.  A sign showed that there were sharp turns ahead but he ignored them.

When one sharp turn after another came up, he cleared them fine, but tried to put on the breaks after seeing that he was going a little bit too fast.  The breaks weren’t working as he continued to pump them.  His car flipped over the steel barriers and crashes.

On the next episode of Kensington Way Continued:

- Carmen goes in for the kill and Bryant or Jamie may be on the other end.

- Tiffany and Dravis's love may be broken up by Leona but Ivan may gain from it.

- Find out who was apart of Jacob's crash and if he survives.