Part Three of Six:

Previously on Kensington Way Continued:

- Dravis pulls a gun on the stranger who was taking a shower in his bathroom but the stranger looked just like Tiffany. It turns out that it was Tiffany's twin sister Leona who promised to keep their "romp" a secret. Dravis realizes the mistake he made and questions why she has come back. Later, Tiffany is soon reunited with Leona only to warn Dravis of what Leona's truly capable of. Dravis had already known as Leona eavesdropped the whole conversation.

- Ivan purposely runs into Tiffany at a cafe just to get closer to her. He then appologizes for what he was going to do.

- Xavier gets the idea to try and steal Kensington Way from Dravis by changing names, plots, and possibly even the title.

- Jamie finally gets the guts to see Bryant who is still in his coma. Dr. Michael Yuri comes in to tell her that since she's immediate family, that it's up to her to keep him on life support or not because there's not much that could be done for him. The choice was hers.


After hearing the news that she had to either keep Bryant alive or let him die, Jamie was shocked with a decision that was bearing down on her. She didn't have time to think about it and it was obvious that Dr. Yuri wasn't going to give her enough time to do it. He was being impatient with her but he had good reason to be.

"You just dropped this huge bomb shell on me. This is actually the first time I've seen him since..." Jamie begins to trail off realizing that she would have said more to him then expected. "Since his accident. Please, just give me more time to think about it."

Dr. Yuri nodded with sympathetic look.

"I'll leave you to be alone with him, but an answer very soon would be nice. I'll be right out side if you decide on anything. Now I don't want you to think that I'm pushing you but something has to be done because this hospital needs to make room for other patients."

Dr. Yuri exits. Jamie knew that she had to decide. Bryant still laid peacefully on his bed. If she let him die, then there's a chance she'll never get to know who he is to her and why he did what he did. On the other hand, if there's nothing that can be done, then the hospital room would be nice for someone who truly needed it.

"Please wake up soon Bryant. I'm counting on it!" Jamie said as a tear dropped from her eye and onto his blanket as she bent over to kiss his cold cheek.

Jamie exits and goes to the nurses station, to find it chaotic. Nurses will filing papers, doctors fluttering around to do what they had to do. She then saw Dr. Yuri and he knew it was time.

"Keep him on the ventilator and get him the best damn help that you can! He needs a miracle and I'm hoping...I'm knowing that he'll be fine. He has to be." Jamie said to the doctor. Without seeing a response, she quickly exited the hospital feeling confused because her quest from Bryant wasn’t going the way she wanted it to.

Back in Bryant's room, the miracle was happening. While his eyes were still closed, Bryant's fist began to move. The I.V. monitors were lighting up.

"Jamie." Bryant uttered to show that he was slowly coming back to life.



The mood in the Heidel household was tense. Jamie had come storming home, only to go her room to study, or to do whatever it was she had to. Dravis knew what it was but had other things on his mind to deal with. The discussion with Bryant was on a list of things needed to be pushed out of his and Jamie’s mind, more her’s then his.

Leona walks into the living room where Dravis is alone in his comfortable clothes. He was re-reading and pre-editing items from his Kensington Way scripts. He was reading Episode 12, The Answers. It was the one that was most proud of because it was the moment that was most shocking to him and would be to the viewers. Leona lays across the couch, in a tight shirt that showed her flat stomach. Her legs stretched across the heavy pillows. Dravis quickly ignored her because it was obvious that she wanted attention.

“Who’s the girl?” Leona speaks up to ask.

“Her name’s Jamie. She’s my daughter.”

“Daughter? Well you really do have a great track record. She can’t be Tiffany’s. I would have known if Tiffany was pregnant. Hopefully you and I won’t have a bun in the oven. Don’t worry, I’m sure we used the proper protection stud.” Leona instigated.

Just opening her mouth had angered him. He storms up from his chair and throws the script down.

“Is that all that comes out of your mouth? Filthy trash! You came here to start trouble. Congratulations you did it. You made a promise to me that Tiffany won’t find about it, and she better not! There’s no telling what she would do to both of us. I would lose my soon to be marriage but I’m sure that she would be a lot more forgiving to me then you!” Dravis retorts.

Leona giggles as she sees that Tiffany walks in behind Dravis. The scene was just getting better in Leona’s favor.

“What are you two talking about?” Tiffany curiously asks.

Her voice surprised Dravis. He spun around to see her. Before he could speak, Leona was the first to say something. It made Dravis nervous.

“Nothing, maybe we’re talking about what kind of Christmas gifts we’re going to get you. Believe me...there’s a big surprise involved with it.” Leona goats to her twin.

Leona exits and Tiffany is alone with Dravis.

“She didn’t come in for the holiday season and I’m sure that she’ll way past New Years. Obviously something is going on with her. Somehow I’ll find out.” Tiffany hugs Dravis who looks on lowly shaking his head in guilt. “Somehow.” She repeats in a whisper.


Across town, Ivan sat at his desk, in the one place that he loved most...his office. It was his life. He just can’t stop thinking about the other day. When he ran into Tiffany like the way that he did. She was beautiful, innocent, but those traits could were going to blind side him. He had to focus. Before he could log on to his computer, his phone rang. He answered it and heard the all to familiar voice of tired desperation.

“What are you doing calling me?” Ivan asked.

“I’m worried about you. I’m worried about everything that you’re involved with. I tried calling you before but you never answered the phone!” Bernice pleaded.

“You’ll be getting the divorce papers very soon. At least that’s one thing that you can’t control. Something that can never be what you want it to be. Just like our marriage. We both weren’t happy. You’re a control freak and I’m a workaholic. We were one thing that never would have worked.” Ivan explained. “So please, stop calling me until you’ve signed the papers. We both can be free.”

On the other end at her lonely and empty apartment building, Bernice smacks her hand off of the desk where the phone was. Ivan heard her anger.

“Damn it Ivan, I don’t want to sign on anything. I want you back. This may sound like some stupid attempt but it’s worth it. What you’re doing is wrong. I can respect that you have a well paying job but it’s bad! What if you get yourself killed? Just like the others. Just like- “ Bernice stopped.

“Don’t even say who I think you’re going to say! Good bye Bernice. Don’t call back.” Ivan tried to end the conversation.

Bernice’s voice sounded destroyed with tears that he could only picture was running down her smooth ebony skinned cheeks.

“I will see you again and I’m going to save you. Just like I did before. I love you so much. We’re not going to divorce. We’ll be together again. I guarantee it. You need me in your life! You’re nothing without me! I’m nothing without you Ivan Jones. I have more than your last name. I have your love and I know deep down in my heart that we’re still together.”

Ivan slammed the phone to hang it up repeatedly, almost breaking it. Until he picks up the phone in his bare hands and throws it across the room in angry frustration.


The sun sets across Kensington Way and even upon the Kensington Way Insane Asylum. Carmen wakes up to the new day. Today was definitely different because it was the day she was going to put her plan into action.

Miranda looked just like Carmen. They could have been mistaken for twins, if she had one. Miranda was silent but knew what she had to do. They were allowed visitors in the room but only for a short time. Soon enough a doctor would walk in to tell them to break it up. Carmen hides underneath her bed. Darkness surrounded her. She then heard the footsteps of Dr. Amanda Crowley.

“Where is miss Esposito Carmen? She was just in here five minutes ago.” Amanda asks.

Miranda didn’t say a thing to her. Instead she just looked down to pout her lips like Carmen taught her.

“Fine you want to play like that. We’ll dance.” The ticked off doctor took out a syringe from her pocket to stab the patient with. “Time for you to take a nap.”

Miranda growled and screamed as she grabbed the syringe, only to stab Dr. Crowley in the eye. Amanda tried calling for help but instead, fell to the ground to die as Miranda continued to stab her to death.

No one knew what was going on. Carmen had already covered the camera with cloth. She got out of the bed to take Dr. Crowley’s clothes, name tag, and I.D.

“Not a word to anyone chica! Hide the evidence Miranda. Be a good girl and don’t say a thing. I’ll get you out of here soon enough.” Carmen told her new best friend. She then exited the Asylum while no one saw that it was her because they thought she was Dr. Amanda Crowley.

“I’m coming for you Jamie. We will be a family again!” Carmen reassured herself as she hailed a taxi.


It was another late night at KXO Agency, which meant that Candace thought she was being held back from living the movie star/model-like life that she wanted to live. She kept staring at the clock that didn’t seem to be moving and the phone that actually rang. She answered it to hear Jacob’s voice.

“Hey I’m driving in my Jag right now and thinking of you. Are you going to make the party in Vegas tonight?” Jacob asks as he drives the streets of lucky lights.

“Wow that’s hot! Yeah I’ll be out as soon as possible. I’ll see you there babe.” Candace kissed the phone and hung up. Xavier walked out of his office and shot her a disapproving look.

“I told you no personal phone calls!” His reprimand was ignored. “I’ll be right back, so you’ll only have to be here for twenty minutes or so. Hold my calls.” Xavier exited. Candace was alone, and if curiosity killed the cat, then she was going to use one of her nine lives to try to succeed.

Candace makes her way into Xavier’s office. For once she didn’t feel bad for intruding. She walks over to his desk to look for contact numbers because she knew that he kept other agents, producers, actors, directors, and high client information. As she went through his desk to find it, something else caught her eye. It was Dravis Hiedel’s script for Kensington Way. However it was different. There were changes to it as she flipped through the pages. Xavier’s hand writing had crossed out character names and were changed. Even the title was changed to Dream World.

“Xavier’s trying to steal his script!” Candace used Xavier’s phone to call Jacob but all she got was his voice mail, so she left a desperate message.

“Jacob it’s me. I’m at work and I just found out that Xavier’s trying to screw over Dravis! You need to do something about this because I’m not going to work here any- “ The phone clicked. Candace turned around to find Xavier’s finger on the dial. She didn’t anticipate or hear his return.

“I know what you’re up to. I’ll expose you! Maybe we can make a deal. You make me famous and I won’t have you arrested for stealing.” Candace threatened.

“You left me no choice.” His eyes didn’t even blink. He forcefully grabbed her and put his hands on her cheeks. “You’re a horrible secretary, a horrible person, and I don’t know what Jacob sees in a whore like yourself!”

Xavier turns her around and covers her mouth as she tries to shout a blood curdling scream. He then turned her around to face the tall glass window that over looked the city.

“It’s such a shame.” He whispered. “I never wanted to kill you but if you hadn’t been such a neb shit. It wouldn’t have happened! Consider yourself terminated. ”

“No! No! Please don’t! Please - “ Candace pleaded in fear.

It was too late, Xavier pushed her back and launched her out of the four story window. She screamed all the way down to her death as glass flew everywhere.

On the next episode of Kensington Way Continued:

- Xavier covers his tracks only Jacob knows differently.

- Carmen gets closer to Jamie and Dravis.

- Bryant regains his memory.

- Leona threatens to break her promise to Dravis about telling Tiffany everything.