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Previously on Kensington Way: Continued

- Dravis's name turns up on the script of Kensington Way because it his creation. He is trying to get his scripts published into a television show with the help of his manager Jacob Desmond, who he met through Thomas Manheil (aka Timothy Braving), and his mysterious agent Xavier Orlando. Most of the character's names were changed to protect the innocent and the not so innocent as many of the regular Kensington Way cast members did not return. Only Dravis wonders what the future holds for him.

- When alone, Tiffany gets strange calls, and doesn't know if she should dismiss it as nothing.

- Carmen rotts away at an insane asylum still in the town that she created as a reality show but was reopened as an actual city. She begins to plot her escape.

- Jamie informs Dravis that Bryant Cranston (aka Bryant Barrone) is alive but in a coma at the Kensington Way Hospital. He confronts her on why she is going to see him and why she didn't tell him anything, but she can only say that she's on a mission to find out who he truly is to her.

- Ivan Jones sits at his lonely office and looks at a computer screen which is his next job to complete. The subject is Tiffany Vallen.

- Xavier informs Dravis that he may have to relocate to Los Angeles full time but the timing is bad because it is around the time that he is slated to marry Tiffany.

- Dravis and Tiffany celebrate in the bedroom, Tiffany goes to take a shower, but then he gets one of the strangest calls ever. It's Tiffany saying that she'll be home shortly. Dravis takes his gun and goes to investigate to see who the mystery stranger really is.


The scene that was playing out was like the 1986 dream sequence from “Dallas.” Although, Dravis hoped that Patrick Duffy wasn’t on the other end of the shower faucet. If it was Victoria Principal, then that would have been a different story, but it wasn’t either. He could have sworn that the person he made love to was his own fiancee Tiffany Vallen. They looked, felt, and sounded just like her. When he got the call from Tiffany, he was confused. His confusion became worse when he opened the shower curtain to see Tiffany washing her naked body. Dravis quickly drops his gun for her not to see it.

“Can’t a girl get some privacy?” The look a like asked.

“Who are you?!” Dravis demanded to know. “What the hell is going on here? You were with me and then you call me while you’re in the shower. It doesn’t make any sense.”

“Nice to meet you. My name’s Leona Vallen. I’m Tiffany’s twin sister. Now I don’t mind you being there, well after all, we have seen each other exposed. It really is no big.”

Dravis’s mouth dropped, not because there was another nude woman standing in his shower, but what she just told him. Tiffany’s twin! She never mentioned anything about her family, so this was a surprise.

“What we just did in there was wrong and you knew it. You took advantage of me. What kind of a person does that?” Dravis asks in disgust.

“One who likes to have fun. If you can’t tell I’m the wild sister and I’m not going to say that you’ve been screwed....well actually...” Leona giggles at her own entendre. “I just wanted to see what my sister has been with and if she hadn’t ruined it, I probably wouldn’t have told you. I would have just slipped away into the darkness unseen.”

Leona grabs a red towel and begins to dry herself off. Dravis is still in shock and wipes his face with his hands to rub his eyes. This wasn’t a dream! It was truly a reality.

“I still think that you took advantage of me!” Dravis protrudes.

“You can think what you want, it was just sex! The one thing that’s truly overrated these days. I wouldn’t suggest running to tell your future wife about this. Believe me, I’m on top of these things with her. There’s no telling what she would do.” Leona slyly says.

Dravis extends his finger and points at her.

“I don’t know who you think you are but this was a sick move!”

“By the way, I’m staying with you. Tiffany might not have told you, but she agreed to it.” Leona says with a smile. “Looks like we’re going to be roomies with benefits. However, this is a secret that I’m willing to keep. If you are.”



After doing so much shopping, Tiffany thought that it would be a great idea to stop off and have a nice frozen coffee drink at Brusceil’s Café. Dravis’s call was so weird, Tiffany thought to herself. The thought was making her lose concentration. Randy, Brusceil’s junior cashier, caught her attention. She thanks him for the drink and goes to sit down on the thin, tannedFrench like chair. Yeah she was by herself but so what. Tiffany wasn’t a self conscience person, so being alone in a public place, didn’t bother her.

Suddenly a man comes walking by and drops a set of car keys next to her foot. Tiffany picks up the keys and hands them to the man. With a smile on her face, she stopped to see who it was. A very handsome stranger and Ivan thought the same thing about Tiffany, but in a feminine way.

“I’m so clumsy at times.” Ivan speaks up to say to her. “That was really nice of you to pick them up for me. I’m nothing but a stranger and you helped me. Thank you.”

“It was nothing really. A BMW. You’re either someone who has a wonderful job or it’s your friends and you’re trying to pick up a date.” Tiffany jokingly responds.

Ivan snickers at her comment and holds out his hand for her to shake it.

“My name’s Ivan Jones. And you are-?”

“Tiffany Vallen.”

“This is such a small town, well not that small, but I’m sure we’ll see each other around. It was very nice meeting you Miss Vallen.” Ivan flirts.

“Actually I’m a soon to be Misses. If you notice by my ring, I’m engaged. However, I like what you said. Sometimes you need friends and the strangest of strangers can become them. So likewise to you too Mister Jones, but if you’ll excuse me...” Tiffany stands up to exit. “I have to get going. See you around.”

Tiffany walks out of Brusceil’s café, hoping never to see him again, but knowing that somehow she would. If she only wasn’t a soon to be married woman, she would have gone after him in a heartbeat but that belongs to Dravis.

Ivan watched her slim figure exit and looks around to find no one watching him. He was free to think out loud without someone thinking that he was crazy. Certainly he was not. One could never be too sure though.

“I feel bad for the future.”


The patients of the Kensington Way Insane Asylum were able to associate with one another for only an hour. It was kind of like recess for the insane. It was also the same time when the nurses would give patients their pills. Each pill that Carmen took she hid the tiny round circle deep within her open cavity in her teeth. The white shiny luster fooled them every time when she had to open her mouth to make them think that she swallowed it.

Today was not a different story, after fooling the nurse, she spits out the pill and crushes it onto the floor to be dissolved away forever. Sitting across from her was a very shy and quiet woman about Carmen’s age. She too was Hispanic.

“What’s your name?” Carmen asks in a friendly manor.

At first the young woman doesn’t respond but then she spoke. “Miranda.”

“Miranda. That’s such a pretty name. Now only if I could say the same about your face and hair. Miranda I was wondering, would you by chance like to have a make over?”

Again Miranda was quiet and it was pissing Carmen off heavily. Miranda shook her head yes.

“Wonderful. Why don’t we walk over to the bathroom. You go first and I’ll meet you in there.” Carmen instructs.

Miranda listened. Slowly she got up and opens the door to the bathroom. There was no guard looking after the stalls today so Carmen had nothing to worry about. She did however see something that she needed. It was stacked away in another patient’s hand. He was carving something to sculpt clay with a plastic knife and safety scissors. Playtime was also art and crafts for the insane. Carmen walked over to the male patient who wasn’t paying attention to her.

“May I have use this for a second? I promise to give it right back. Promise.” Carmen asks. He hands her what she needs and she places it in her the sleeve of her long, white, heavy jacket.

Carmen makes her way into the stalls of the bathroom. Miranda’s hair was slumping over her face.

“Make me mucho bella or I’ll slice your face open with my bare hands!” Miranda hisses at her new friend. Carmen liked her feisty attitude.

“I will make you look muyo bella!” Carmen shot back. “I’ll make you look just as beautiful as me!”


Candace Livingstown opened up one of the desk drawers to pull out a mirror that she always kept for reassurance. She fixed her golden bangs and blew a kiss to the reflection back to her. Before she could put on some more make up she realized that she was at work. Closing time for her was only fifteen minutes away.
Candace knocked on Xavier’s office door.

“Come in.” The deep voice commanded.

When Candace walked in, Xavier was sitting in his chair that was facing the city skyline from his spacious window. Candace was always a little freaked out by Xavier, but knew that she had some important business to ask him.

“I was wondering if you made those calls for me yet. It’s been almost a month and not one agent has approached me about acting!” Candace demanded.

“Is that the main reason why you work here?” Xavier asks as he spun his chair around to face her. His brown piercing eyes were burning a hole to hers. “Then again, you must realize that being a literary agent is not the same thing as being an agency of acting but since it’s me, I can get whoever I want for whatever reason, so just be patient.”

Candace was about to leave without saying goodbye but thought that it would have been rude and unprofessional. He was helping her and though she wouldn’t say it, many things were because of him. Her relationship with Jacob and her job.

“Thank you.” Candace said deeply. “To let you know, I don’t have this job because I think that I owe it to Jacob or because I’m trying to be famous. Yeah it would be nice, but I’m willing to wait. I’m actually leaving now. There’s this huge party in L.A. and Jacob’s meeting me out there. I’ll see you on Monday then.”

Candace exits and Xavier looks down on his desk to see the cover page of “Kensington Way” the ‘Pilot Episode.’ Xavier liked the feeling of being alone because he could do whatever it is that he wanted. He then took his red pen and began flipping through the pages, making marks throughout the script.

“All I have to do is change some names and some minor plot twists and Kensington Way will be all mine!”


Tiffany opened the doors to her house to find Dravis quickly giving her a hug and a forceful kiss. It kind of caught her off guard for a second but she went with the moment. Dravis on the other hand was feeling guilty so he was trying to make her feel unsuspicious.

“Wow you’re really in the mood tonight aren’t you?” Tiffany excitedly asks. “I did a little night shopping after dinner to get a few things if you get my drift, so if you’re we could go-”

“Actually we have a house guest.” Dravis says in a disappointed way.

From behind him, Leona walked in, and with her eye lids already half way in the air and a smile wider then a river, Tiffany was surprised to see her twin.

“Sorry for ruining your fun sis. I called you earlier but the connection was messed up. It’s very nice to see you again.” Leona spouts.

“You too sis. It would have been nice to have a longer notice.” Tiffany responds with a retorting smile.

Leona exits to let Dravis and Tiffany be alone. Tiffany didn’t look happy and Dravis wanted to find out why.
“I can’t believe that she’s here and you let her in! What did she do pretend to be me? Yeah she called me but that was like a month ago! ”

“What was I supposed to do Tiff, just let her out in the freezing cold. I actually thought it was you. Until...she corrected me.” Dravis responded.

“Just look out for her. If there’s one thing that I know about my sister is that she’s the evil version of me. She’ll do whatever it is to get whatever she wants! So you better look out. I can’t even tell you how many times she’s tried and succeeded to steal boyfriend after boyfriend. I just hope that her staying here isn’t going to be the biggest mistake of my- of our lives!”

Tiffany exits in a fluster and actually passes Leona who was listening around the corner of the nearest hallway. Dravis looked at Tiffany and then looked away from himself.

“More than you know Tiffany. More than you know.” He said to himself.


Now was the time for Jamie to get all of the courage that she needed to face her fears. It was going to be the first time that she was going to see her so called “uncle,” or whoever he was to her. Before she would always go to the hospital, find out his condition, and leave. She couldn’t fess up to Dravis that a lot of the time spent was at a diner by herself. Unless she really needed ammunition during an argument, then she would admit that to him.

Jamie walks into Bryant’s hospital room. There was some light. He was unconscious and hooked up to a ventilator. Bandages covered his head and his arms but he looked like the same person that she had come to know for so many years. It almost made her want to cry.

“Why did you do it? Why did you plot with Carmen against me? You knew everything! Why didn’t you tell me?” Jamie speaks to the almost dead person in front of her. “What’s the use? I don’t even know who you are or what you truly are to me. Everything that I say, is probably not even registering. I’m just talking to the damn wall!” Jamie sighs out of frustration. “Me being here isn’t even worth it!”

That simply wasn’t true. The real reason why she was there was to find out a lot of the answers that Bryant had kept hidden from her past. The only way she was going to get the answers was by talking to him, not the vegetated state that was in. Jamie shakes her head and backs up to leave, nearly knocking into a taller, scholarly looking doctor. His badge read Dr. Yuri.

“Young lady are you immediate family?” The doctor asks her.

“I’m...sort of. Why? What’s going on with him?” Jamie asks with concern.

“Bryant Cranston’s bullet was removed and he is still breathing slightly but his life support comes from the oxygen tank that’s hooked up next to him. Now, that’s simply all we can do for him. The rest is up to you.”

“Are you making me choose something? Just say it doc! I don’t need your medical mumbo jumbo bull. What is going to happen to him?” Jamie demands to know.

“I’m afraid we can’t keep him on the ventilator for too long. Since you’re family it’s your choice to either keep him stay alive or pull the plug on him.”

On the next episode of Kensington Way: Continued

- Jamie makes her decision on whether or not she wants to keep Bryant alive.

- Dravis gets another special visitor.

- Carmen's plan is put into motion.

- One character reveals a very dangerous side.