Part 1 of 6:


"It ends with me looking at the script that has my name on it." Dravis says proudly as he plops a thick script down in front of him.

It was late at night and his eyes were wearing on him. Tiffany walks in to the study to check on him. His desk light was illuminating his work space. She was wearing a silky white nightgown. Her hands gently massage the back of his neck. Dravis smiles when he feels it.

"You've been working on it for so long now. Maybe you should take a rest."

Dravis jokingly scoffs at her. "I'll be up in a little bit. Oh and I took your advice."

"On what? Making it even campier?" Tiffany asks.

"No, no, on the names. I've been thinking up tons of names lately and I’m still in the process of changing them, some are the same and some are different. That’s really the last on my list of things to do."

"Just go to bed honey." Tiffany demands in a caring way. She then makes her way up to the bedroom. He hears her footsteps as they turn into nothing but a quiet fade. Dravis goes back to his scripts to review them. He then begins to think to himself.

"The others..." Dravis says to himself. "Their stories are yet to be told."

Dravis opens up a drawer from his wooden desk. Inside were the pictures of the cast members that occupied "Kensington Way." One by one they made him remember everything that he had gone through. It's what pushed him to write the scripts after all. Dravis was passionate about his story because it happened to him. Getting "Kensington Way" on network television was going to be a journey for him. The pictures were making him angry and sad. It made him think of the lies and the deception. It made him think of the pain that his fake neighbors and friends caused him.

Sheila Wrightly aka "Shanna Schoolor" did not survive the helicopter crash with her life partner Carla Devano aka "Debra Braving." The conniving, vixenous, slutty, death faking witch and her victimized forty something housewife, deserved everything that they received, Dravis thought to himself. Dravis wondered how people would respond to the cartoony bitch that Sheila was acting to be and how Carla betrays Timothy in the end.

Thomas Manheil aka "Timothy Braving" skipped town once the real police came to the scene. Thomas explained that the space was rented out, everyone knew they were on a reality show, but practically everyone was an actor of some kind, even the extras. The police never knew what was going on but thought they were filming a movie, that's what Thomas said they were told.

I was never really told what had happened to Bryant Cranston aka "Bryant Barrone."

Somehow it really doesn't matter. He could be dead, alive, an alien. However, Richard Scheiver aka "Ryley Schantz" did not survive when Tiffany pushed him off of the cliff and he splattered to his death. Neither did Danny Tomei aka "Terry Lomburgh" who was charred to death because of Richard's betrayal.

Carmen Valdarez aka "Carmen Ludiarez" was sent to jail and then sent to an insane asylum. The city of "Kensington Way" was re-opened but not as a reality show home, but as a real city to people wanting to live in it. The power that she created was over, but while in her padded cell, she still could be plotting away. No one was aware of the evil things that Carmen did, they were all brainwashed into thinking that the town of KW was nothing but an overly large movie set. The law came down on her when the proper authorities found out that that wasn't what the set was being used for something else.

Jamie Van Wyze decided to stay with her new father and accepted her soon to be stepmother as Dravis and Tiffany are engaged to be married. The three have sort of become a family, in its own dysfunctional way that it happened.
Dravis puts away the pictures and stands up to go to bed. He slowly walks over to the window and looks out of it. The city was bright in the wee hours of the night. Dravis knew he never owned the city, but he could only hope that people would hear and accept his story. He already had a new manager whom he met through Thomas/Timothy. That was his present for feeling so bad for lying. The manager's name was Jacob Desmond and he gave Dravis his new agent, Xavier Orlando.

His journey was only starting but it was going to be a new one. What was it going to bring him, Dravis wonders. He then walks over and turns off the desk lamp. Surely enough drama would find its way to him, it always did.


Dravis was awake and well rested from the night before. He had begun his day already but since he didn’t have a meeting until later, Dravis was lounging in jeans an a t-shirt. Dravis liked dressing up but it wasn’t the thing to lounge around in. While in his kitchen, he was going through the smooth mahogany cabinets to find something to eat. There really wasn’t anything he wanted to eat, he wanted a snack, but instead thought that he was just going to wait until dinner. Tiffany had become quite the cook which meant that Dravis didn’t want to spoil his appetite. With the feeling of disappointment, Dravis closed the cabinet.

Jamie had come rushing down the stairs, purse in hand with a thin black turtleneck and matching slacks, showed that she was ready to go out to do something. She noticed that Dravis was in the kitchen but almost turned around to escape him. Although she knew she couldn’t when she heard him call her name.

“Yes?” Jamie asked, as she had her back turned to him. Even though she knew what his next question was going to be.

“Where are you going?”

Ding, ding, ding. A bell was going off in her head like a contestant winning a game show prize because that was exactly what she thought she was going to ask him and it was exactly what she didn’t want to answer him. Jamie turns around to face him and makes sure not to look straight into his eyes. She knew that he had dealt with so many liars in his past that if she tried lying to him, she was going to fail, but it was worth a shot.

“I’m just going to the mall. I saw this really, pretty dress in a store window and I’m planning on buying it.” Jamie enthusiastically responds.

Dravis stared at her blankly. Damn it! She cursed to herself as she couldn’t fool her father.

“Let me ask you again, where are you going?” Dravis’s tone was a little demanding, but not too demanding.

“I don’t think I can tell you.” That was the only honest response that Jamie could think of.

“Why not?” Dravis’s voice went from demanding to courteously curious. “I know that we’re all still adjusting to things and it’s not going to be easy. Believe me, I don’t know the first thing about being a father. It’s all instict for me and plus you’re already a grown woman. One that I can’t tell where she can’t go or who she can’t see, but I just wish that you’ll be more open with me about things.”

“Fine, I’ve been going to the Kensington Way hospital because I’m on a mission. And yes it’s still a little awkaward being in this house with you and Tiffany but I’ve accepted the fact that the guy I used to fantasize about sexually is my father! The one person who couldn’t be there to raise me but is there now.’s just something that you won’t understand!”

Before Jamie could turn around to leave, Dravis spun her back around by lightly grabbing her arms.

“Please just tell me what’s going on. I’m sure I’ll understand. Like I said, you don’t have to be so secretive around me. I’m your father and you’re my daughter. Both of us haven’t had really good family relationships. So let’s start having one right now.” Dravis sympathetically says to her.

Jamie sighed but then decide to give into him, no matter how painful it was.

“I’m going to see Bryant.” Jamie muttered under her breath. “ I found out that his body was in the Kensington Way hospital so now I’m getting the guts to go and see him I don’t know what I’m going to find when I get there but obviously he has some answers for me!”

“Bryant’s alive?” Dravis asked in shock. “I thought that Carmen shot him and from what I read in the police reports, she had Ryley dispose of his body! How did you know about this and for how long?”

The questions that he was asking her, didn’t make her feel uncomfortable, but she thought about the fact that family was something important to him, so she was spitting out the truth to him.

“Ryley told me before he tried kidnaping me. He said stuff about how he felt so guilty about Bryant but that was the only thing. He didn’t dispose of the body, he...called an ambulance and Bryant’s been in the hospital ever since. I’ve known for a long time now.”

Dravis didn’t know what to think or say. He was upset and outraged.

“You lied to me! You told me that Ryley said to you that Carmen shot him and that he was confirmed dead. The police didn’t tell me anything about this and now you have! It doesn’t make sense and I don’t see the need for you to go and see someone who lied to everyone to begin with. What if he still has connections to Carmen? I don’t want you to go and that’s an order. You’re living under my house and while you’re under my roof, you abide by my rules!”

Jamie was shaking her head back and forth. Instead of arguing back with him or fighting with him, she gave him a hug. It caught Dravis off guard. In her mind, she was saying that she’s a big girl and could handle herself, but she hadn’t mastered telepathy.

“Thanks for caring but I’m going. Bryant was the only person who raised me from childhood. Whoever he is and whatever connection to me or Carmen, I’m going to find out. I love you so much dad, can’t stop me on this one. I’m sorry.”

It was the end to their argument. Jamie exited through the back kitchen doors without looking back at him. Dravis was still confused on what had just happened. There was no way that Dravis could be alive. Someone might have been messing with Jamie’s mind. Someone like Carmen.


The windows were shut out with black paint but Carmen could have punched it in if she wanted to. An alarm probably would have gone off, guards would have arrived, and she would have been in stinging pain. What’s the use? Patients did it all the time. Carmen was learning the ways of the asylum by being smart and acting sane. She wasn’t insane she reassured herself, just vengeful and screwed over.

Her room was like a big box with a foam bed decorated by the color of bright lights and the clothing they offered were the same as any asylum had to offer, a heavy cream colored jacket. Sometimes Carmen would be so bored that she would imagine that the room was snowing. The white colors that blinded her made her think that way. Above her was a video camera. It made her think of Dravis and the reality show that never was. The police had confiscated all of the tapes and tore down her house and the other houses that she called a set. People were almost arrested for it but some people got off. No jury felt sorry for her so instead she was hauled off to live in the looney bin.

The difference between her and the other inmates was that she was smarter then they, she thought to herself while slowly rocking back and forth.

“I’m going to escape and I will get my revenge!” Carmen calmly said to herself as she sat towards the door waiting for the right moment to strike.


Tiffany was sitting alone in the livingroom, she really couldn’t call it hers, but she wanted to. The roof that she was under belonged to Dravis. He was the man who she loved and when she married him, then they could share it together. As she sat on the plush white couch, she began to think of how thankful she was. Dravis forgave her for lying to him and in time, slowly regained her trust. When they were stage married, Tiffany always did have a thing for him, but now that life isn’t a scripted reality show...she truly loved him.

Silence surrounded the livingroom. Nothing was going on in the house. Dravis was sound asleep and Jamie had gone to hang out with friends soon to return. She had heard about what was going on with Bryant. The horror of hearing what Carmen had done to him stuck in Tiffany’s mind forever. At any time, she could picture everything that happened that day. Finding out that Bryrant was alive was a relief but to hear that Ryley had something to do with it was shocking. Especially since Ryley was the one who Tiffany killed.

Suddenly the phone rang. It scared Tiffany who was in deep thought. Slowly she picked up the phone and answered it. Who would be calling at this time of hour?

“Hello?” Tiffany asked a second time after hearing nothing.

Static came rushing back on the end but after static she could hear a voice but at first she couldn’t tell who it was. What were they saying?

“Hel- I - Tiff-“ The statically voice which ranged from being a male to a female sounding pitch, hung up, and Tiffany was left with a sinking dial tone. The call was strange but it obviously meant nothing. That was how Tiffany reassured herself, but deep down inside, she was scared because at any time the curse of Kensington Way and all of its scary, scheming, and sometimes violent mysteries could return.


In what could have been looked at as the boardroom from Donald Trump’s Apprentice was the luxury that Ivan Jones had required. He sits in his black leather chair and stares endless into his computer. Everything about him was a mystery, except for his love life. Ivan picks up a golden framed photograph of his ex-wife Bernice. She was smiling as always but it was a fake smile. They were never happy.

Ivan made sure that he would never let anyone close in, not even Bernice. Bernice had her own problems, she was controlling and a bitch, but he liked her. He just didn’t love her. She wanted to know more about him so of course he pulled away. The one thing that mattered most to him was job. It was the air that he breathed and the true love of his life. It was the secret that he would go down keeping.

“You really do deserve it. It seems like a lot of fun to get to know you.” Ivan spoke to his computer screen. No one would think that he was crazy because no one was there. No secretary or security. The only thing that mattered was his high tech computer screen in front of him.

The screen was displaying a picture of his next subject. It was a picture of Tiffany.


Jacob Desmond and Dravis walked into the all mighty powerful Xavier Orlando’s office. Xavier was a stern person, chiseled jaws, and a face that never smiled. The real thing that he cared about was power and money, so to have Dravis on board, was a huge honor.

Jacob walks in as if it were an old friend’s house but since Dravis had only been there a few times but each time he would get nervous. Nervous of what Xavier had to say or the fact that he didn’t feel like he fit in, but thanks to Jacob, those insecurities were behind him. Dravis didn’t show it.

“I want to thank you for giving Candace the day off. Believe me, we’ll put it to good use!” Jacob says nonchalantly.

Xavier says nothing. He continued to sit in his office seat looking out the window with his hands folded across his chin. With the turn of his thin eyebrow, the deep eyes of the successful agent, set focus on his latest appointment.

“She’s one of the best secretaries that I’ve had.” Xavier responds. “Draivis, it’s very nice to see you again. Since our last visit I’ve actually went over all of your scripts. You do realize that I have a lot of questions about the show?”

“Of course and I’m rea- “ Dravis blurts out before getting interrupted by Jacob.

“Which is why we’re here to see you. What did you think of it?”

Xavier turns his head slightly, it was like waiting one’s fate, because Xavier could make you or break you, at least that’s what Jacob explained to Dravis before they went to see him.

“I liked it but it’s so far fetched that I don’t how it would fare well with the audiences. The cliffhangers are nice but sometimes it seems a bit loopy.” Xavier’s answer let Dravis to think that his next words were going to be ‘get out of my office’ but instead, Xavier continued with some good news. “However, I’m known for taking risks and you’re one risk that I’m willing to take! I’ve already scheduled meetings for you.”

Dravis’s eyes lit up as did his mouth. He was so happy to hear those words come out of his mouth. Dravis quickly shook Xavier and Jacob’s hand. “Thank you! Thank you so much!”

“What can I say, it’s a good story.” Jacob spouted in a way as if he knew Xavier’s response.

“There may be a meeting in February and if all goes well you might have to relocate to Los Angeles. Hopefully you’ll be willing to drop everything to go.” Xavier asked.

Dravis cursed in his mind because February was the month of his wedding day to Tiffany and his dream was to live in Los Angeles so that was a plus.

“Yes...I can drop everything. After all, Kensington Way’s my life!” Hopefully Tiffany would understand too.


Jamie did not know how bad her “uncle” really was. There were so many reasons that she had put off seeing Bryant. She didn’t know if it was a set up, if Ryley was lying, or if he really was dead but the proof was in the hospital room/bed. A nurse walks into the darkened room. She looks at the handsome blond man who was in a coma. The nurse opens the window to let some light in. All she could think of what a shame it was that the stranger in front of her wouldn’t be able to enjoy the cool crisp day.

The only thing that Bryant could do was lay there with his eyes closed. Since he was brought into the hospital, that was all he could do. He had undergone extensive to surgery to have the bullet removed from his head and the heamerging wasn’t stopping. Things were only getting worse, Bryant had a five percent chance of survival and the best that the doctors could do was keep him hooked up to a respirator and to leave him in a coma.


Dravis smiled and breathed in with content as he rolls his head over onto the pillow. With Jamie gone, he was free to celebrate with Tiffany. Tonight was an amazing night for him. Dinner and then dessert. It was like frolicking around in a sexual world where he could be free with the one he loved. Tiffany had pleased and then some. She was different, fiercer, and naughtier.

Tiffany had gone to take a shower and as he heard the water running, the phone rang.

“Hello?” Dravis answered the phone.

“Hey you, I just wanted to tell you that I’m running a little late, but I’ll be home in a little bit. Tonight’s going to be extra special. I told you were going to get something special to celebrate with and I mean it.” Tiffany said to him.

Then it hit him, he was just sleeping with Tiffany, there was no way that she could be on the other side of the phone.

“ Um...” His confusion came through.

“I can’t talk a lot because my phone’s going to die! Bye.” The phone died. Dravis realized that the person he just slept with wasn’t his wife but the who the hell was it? The room might have been dark but someone else was obviously in the shower. Dravis slid his hands over the drawer and pulled out a .45 handgun that he purchased after the Carmen fiasco. Slowly he went in the bathroom and was about to open the shower curtain to reveal who the stranger was.

On the next episode of Kensington Way: Continued:

Ivan gets closer to Tiffany.

Jamie visits Bryant.

Carmen plans an escape.

and Dravis finds out who the stranger really is!